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He received the Ph. He served in a variety of leadership roles including most recently as President of Kundur Power system Solutions Inc. Prior to joining Powertech, he worked at Ontario Hydro for nearly 25 years and held senior positions involving power system planning and design.

Throughout his career, he held a variety of Adjunct Professor roles including at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. He authored the well-known book Power System Stability and Control McGraw-Hill, , which is a standard modern reference for the subject. In addition, he performed extensive international consulting related to power system planning and design, and delivered well-received advanced level technical courses for utilities, manufacturers and universities around the world.

Kundur had a long record of service and leadership in the IEEE. To his family, he was a source of great positivity, inspiration and generosity. He was a loving and devoted husband to Geetha Kundur for 55 years and great fun to his grandchildren, Linus and Ptolemy, whom he took on family vacations and brought gifts for from around the world.

He was especially proud of his daughter, Deepa Kundur, who in many ways followed in his footsteps. His legacy will continue through the many students he has educated through his courses, papers and seminal book, through the colleagues he has mentored and supported over the decades and through his family whom he has inspired to live with a strong sense of purpose and service.


[PDF] Power System Stability and Control By Prabha Kundur Book Free Download

Sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute, this expert engineering guide helps you deal effectively with stability and control problems resulting from these major changes in the industry. Power System Stability and Control contains the hands-on information you need to understand, model, analyze, and solve problems using the latest technical tools. The book features a complete account of equipment characteristics and modeling techniques. Included is detailed coverage of generators, excitation systems, prime movers, ac and dc transmission, and system loads-plus principles of active and reactive power control, and models for control equipment. Different categories of power system stability are thoroughly covered with descriptions of numerous methods of analysis and control measures for mitigating the full spectrum of stability problems.


Prabha Kundur

Kundur has been at the leading edge of development and application of technology that has made the operation of large-scale interconnected power systems more safe, secure, and reliable. He has impacted many areas, including modeling and measurement tools, analysis methods, and control techniques that enhance power system stability. Widely recognized and applied by the power industry, these models are important tools in testing whether the power system can handle and recover from disturbances without taking down a large portion of the grid. In addition to improving system security, the designs also improve efficiency since the system is able to operate at higher limits.


In Memoriam - Prabha Kundur



Power system stability and control by prabha kundur pdf free


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