Секвенсор Секвенсор драм-машины имеет всего четыре дорожки, причем одна из них предназначена сугубо для записи ударных инструментов. Конечно, это маловато для серьезной работы, но не надо забывать, что в подобных устройствах, где всё "в одном флаконе", приходится идти на множество компромиссов, и ожидать каких-то выдающихся возможностей от каждого функционального блока по меньшей мере наивно. А вот девиз Александра Суворова - "воюют не числом, а умением" - с полным правом можно перенести на обсуждаемую тему: "фирменные" пресеты используют те же четыре дорожки, но слушаются просто превосходно. Так что при том самом "умении" и на четырех дорожках можно творить чудеса Перед программированием драм-машины первым делом необходимо выбрать кит.

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I had used an older Brother sequencer with a DR drum machine in the past and I wanted to have better sounds and more sequencer tracks to work with.

This unit provides a great sounding rhythm section to my guitar and sax playing. It is very easy to program and has great sounds. I can program a copy song in about an hour and have programed everything from siimple pop songs to very intricate rock anthems.

You can choose a guitar or keyboard based programing pad and all but the most obscure chord variations. The unit never forgets parts or tempo and has no personality conflicts. The DR-5 itself does not have enough memory to be a stand alone device for performance. A data filer is needed for that. I very seldom use any of the preset rythyms or samples song licks.

In my opinion, BOSS could do away with those and free the memory for more user programed songs. My experience with BOSS products has me reliably in their camp! This is a great unit for a guy like me. I want the sound of a back-up band suited to my time constrained lifestyle. It works on 9V power supply or batteries. No effects you can simply adjust the pitch and decay , no possibility of editing sounds.

It has almost everything at hand to write, I just regret that the velocity volume of the notes is not recognized by the sequencer mode expander with a MIDI keyboard, it works, but the sequencer takes only 3 volumes. The 36 pads are all a function, so we found it very quickly. Those who have already been working on the BAR Boss can even do without the manual to create a simple rhythm.

The editing options are few, one can learn most functions in one day. The sequencer is really nice, you can record in real time or step by step. On screen, it has a keyboard and fretboard to better identify the notes being played. The organization of the pads has been designed for guitarists, very handy when one has no basis in music theory.

The guitar input lets you record notes DR-5 recognizes the note played and transcribed by noon, he does not record audio , but the system is a bit wobbly and it is not very practical to use we often end up with an offbeat tempo and you can not play fast or risk seeing half of the notes will not be saved SOUNDS The sounds have aged, but they are realistic in the sense that it still manages to recognize a piano of a guitar.

The expression is limited, since as I said above, it receives only 3 volumes. Everything sounds right, nothing more. The drum sounds are more than correct for its time late 90s , especially compared to the price of the new machine. I said that if it still is great for work, do not you use it for studio recording, it is anyway not think to.

There has been nothing like it on the market, this is why I use it always. The Groovebox do not have a sound general, and if the MC or can get sounds better bill by adding expansion cards, it is far from a portable configuration it does not work on battery , and given the size of this machine is anyway impossible to use on the move.

The Yamaha sound better sometimes, but ergonomics issue is not really that. This is an excellent machine for Laying out, really intuitive, and allows to focus solely on music.

I even used Live for a few years since I used as a sequencer to trigger loops on my sampler, and an expander control great for MIDI, so even if it sometimes takes a little tweaking. The most: - Transportable thanks to its battery power - Panel of various sounds, although it is far from the quality of sound banks current - Simplicity when it comes to transcribe a terrible idea.

I can not count the pieces that I composed from this machine. Cons: - The limited expression - Limited memory patterns, 20 songs I have long sought an equivalent machine after it was sold second-hand. Having found nothing as simple and light, so I bought this machine and I found this easier to transcribe an idea very quickly. The value for money was excellent in nine at the time the Yamaha cost far more expensive, it must be remembered , and still is used.

Clearly, with current technology, one could easily imagine a DR-6 with more memory for sounds when you see what you do with a few MB, there are ways to do something decent with very little memory and a USB port or a memory card slot to store easily.

Tell Mr. Boss, we leave you when your DR-6??? Rhythm 4 Excellent for guitar composers. You can get lost sometimes in the menus but its use remains effective when one has the manual side. Also in terms of ergonomics we feel that this product date, because the navigation is pretty archaic. Bought quite expensive about euros new at the time , the drum machine sequencer is anyway valid for music creation and can be found in OCCAZ in the euros.

Attention to the rotating wheel that ages poorly, provide a replacement in a special magasasin. What could be better? Using the keyboard is simple because the buttons correspond to the squares of a fretboard. Is created directly by tablature The manual is clear. After a long day, we control the corny. Many kits will suffice for different musical styles.

The price was exorbitant for the sequencer Euros but it took that amount at the time. Anyway my Boss DR-5 is still in my home studio ready for use and withstand time. A good sequencer aging well! The large number of keys makes the little beast easily controlled.

There is ultimately a lot of features, but I do not use them all. The possibility to connect his guitar to record a line of instrument is not top, the restitition is too uncertain, it makes this feature unusable. Too bad. In fact, for programming lines of instruments, it seems necessary to have a MIDI keyboard. The manual is clear and precise, nothing to say on it.

Note the existence of software, "DR-5 edit" light version free full version fee , which can tweak its settings from a PC connected by noon always more convenient and make a backup of recorded data. I use almost the kit "Rock" is one that most closely matches what I want. You can create your own kit by selecting a sound of interest. To the sounds of instruments, it depends, some sound a bit "artificial", others are more credible I am very happy because it is small, easy to use and slamming sounds good.

Not me If it again, then I would choose a bar with more memory. For my part I do is that the programming in real time by slowing down the tempo if necessary. There is an editing function in step by step. I was looking primarily a drum machine, I jumped at the opportunity to have the same time a small sequencer.

The drum sounds are still limits to anything other than the model. Other sounds, well, can be used to compose a qd was nothing else on hand, but little else. For realism it is closer Bontempi than anything else. I like its relatively small size, its ease of use, that it runs on batteries, so easily transportable pdt nickel to dial long distance travel by train Jaime least the fact that the memory is actually quite limited.

We are quickly forced to remove patterns to create other, and this even if all the patterns are not met. The sounds are improved. I bought used, between 80 and euros, remember. If I had to renew this type of purchase, I will buy a rather classic drum machines of better quality and I save to buy a real sequencer later.

This does not mean that I regret my purchase! Obviously the price can not ask him the possibilities of large machines no output spares, etc In any case a very convenient mini expander 3 of 3 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful?


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