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Where did you grow up? Wayne Morris: Do you know if as a child you were displaying signs of abuse that teachers could have picked up on? Brice Taylor: Thinking back now, just even that example that I described to you where I had knowledge of sexual behaviour and language that was well beyond the understanding of a child - I was always labelled as mischievous, getting in trouble in school, acting out. I was always the class clown. I think I did have even physical signs that teachers today would possibly pick up, and probably even the difference in my personalities had to have shown.

I had obvious switches, where I was switching in and out of different personalities. I know that because when I reintegrated there were a lot of different school personalities that had been created to handle school. I am sure that when teachers and other adults begin to have more information about dissociative identity disorder and all of this abuse that they will have the eyes to see.

Wayne Morris: When did you first realize that you were subjected to mind control? Brice Taylor: The memory of the actual mind control involvement started to come to light in after several years of thinking I was crazy, having the accident, and all of that.

In I realized there was more than I was just "crazy, nuts, confused". Wayne Morris: You had memories of the ritual abuse before that?

Brice Taylor: In I had a head injury. I had a head-on collision where my head went through the windshield of the car. What that did was it allowed me to access both sides of my brain for the first time in my life, and I began having memories - very frequent memories of all sorts of abuse that came in such a way that it was difficult for me to continue to process it all. There was just so much of it.

There were years of memories that came flooding in. As my programming dictated, when those memories initially in started coming in, I just thought I was crazy. I was programmed to believe that if anything came up, I would just think I was crazy. In I had another accident on the same date as the head-on collision where I broke my back and smashed my head again riding a horse.

It was on April 12 at in the morning which was the same time as my head-on collision. The result of that accident was more very vivid flashback memories that came in the form of visual flashes, body memories where I felt agony, my body felt drugged.

Very specific places in my body had pain. Once I learned through my daily therapy to begin to process that, I learned what it all meant. This made me have to quit school before I graduated, but it gave me a lot of information about the psychological process and what I would need to go through to heal. Wayne Morris: It seems really unusual that you would have the two accidents on the same day at the same time.

Do you feel that they were arranged - or at least the second one? Brice Taylor: I believe that it was definitely arranged, and I believe that because what happened in on April 10th which was 2 days before the anniversary of the accident date - I received a dollar bill in my wallet that had programming numbers and the date April 12th written across it. When I showed it to my therapist they realized this was intentional. Every time they sent things like this in to me, it was just another validation of reality for me.

Wayne Morris: Do you think they would have programmed you to ride into that tree the second time? Brice Taylor: I think I was programmed to have an accident if I became dangerously close to remembering, and I think that once I had the first accident that they may have tied the second one to it in an attempt to kill me.

I know I was still being used. I continued to be used even when I thought I was free in and , and even into I believe they were attempts to injure me to the point where I could function. Brice Taylor: Yes, I do.

I think that as people are educated and become more aware, they will be able to see more clearly what has happened. I received letters from survivors, it began nationally, and now I receive letters from all over the world from survivors who have had all kinds of head injuries, strokes, all kinds of programmed accidents.

Fortunately for all of us, and unfortunately for our controllers, what it has done is that it has actually made the brain barriers easier to access and to remove some of the amnesic barriers so that people who are having these accidents are beginning to remember more and more.

Wayne Morris: Just in the news recently - the fatal accidents that Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono had - skiing into a tree - sound very familiar. How did you manage to break free of their control, at what point did that happen?

Brice Taylor: I was in daily therapy from on, and sometimes twice a day. So I was writing memories at home, in therapy. I was drawing. I was having bodywork. I was doing just about everything to heal. So I had healed and had begun to integrate a lot of my personalities so when in I received that dollar bill with my accident date written on it At that point I had connected with Dr.

Catherine Gould who is a therapist in California who has worked for years with children who had DID and have been ritually abused. I met her actually when I was in school along my venture to be a therapist, and so she started giving me information as I was asking her questions about programming.

She was able to give me a little information. No one who was around me - neither of my therapists had ever heard of ritual abuse or had worked with anyone at all with MPD - no one who was working with me really understood what I was talking about.

Once I realized there was such a thing as mind control, the programming just started unfolding. Parts of me that knew about the programming that had been done started filling up journals listing my specific programming and how it worked; drawing pictures that I share in workshops that I do. My therapist helped relocate me to an island on Hawaii and I went there and I was only going to spend a week trying to get clear on what I should do.

I started realizing that my ex-husband was also a victim of this, and that there was a lot more going on. I went to this island, thinking I would only spend a week, and I ended up there for five weeks and returned in an attempt to rescue my children.

During the time I was there, I had a lot of the higher level memories of my government and entertainer involvement. Being on the island, I had no money and very little support.

I had a couple who helped me. I got a word processor and lived very frugally and just wrote and continued bringing back the memories and writing every day and re-integrating. With all of that, I realized that I had been used at very high levels within our own government.

To help combat the programming that said I was crazy, I began to be strong enough of my own mind and body to be able to recognize when people were sent in on me to access me. I would be programmed to call back into a number and I was advised to keep doing that until I was healthy enough to really break free. I would call in, and these men would be on the phone, and they validated my reality of what I was remembering in a way that I am grateful to them now.

I had no way of understanding before why men in suits would be following me in cars around L. It started making sense to me and I was able to put it together. In I was healing at a rampant rate, but I was still being accessed and used on the island. I was still being prostituted along with my daughter on the island. Wayne Morris: Do you know up to what point your perpetrators were still using you? Brice Taylor: I am not sure if I have the date right, but I believe it was actually until just before our current president was inaugurated was one of the last times I was used.

What kind of work were you doing with them? Were you doing memory work at that point? My therapist looked at me all the time like I was nuts.

I was just coming up with all this abuse. The childhood abuse came up first, and then the ritual abuse memories came on the heels of the sexual abuse, and then the government mind control stuff came. Wayne Morris: So working with those initial therapists - you started remembering the government mind control At the point where they had stopped using you, or you were able to avoid being used, was there something you had done to prevent that? What was the situation? Brice Taylor: Actually I worked with a renegade member of the intelligence community who I lived with for a year and a half, and he was able to help me through identifying my codes, keys and triggers, what my programming was.

We actually spent a year and a half in the house where he would trigger me and I would just go into my room and write and write and write, volumes of memory work where I would just go right back in I had been programmed to have a photographic memory and traumatic memory is laid down differently than normal memory is stored.

I was able to not only see and hear, but use all my senses to go back into these memories and document it all. Over time there was no way I had any information or could have known about any of this top secret, still classified projects or the level of political sophistication and the interconnection of politicians and world leaders that I was used with.

Wayne Morris: Are you aware, or do you know how they programmed you to have photographic memory? Brice Taylor: It was a hypnotic command done under hypnosis with drugs and specific personalities. Wayne Morris: You have written a book about your account.

Could you describe that and other forms of technology that were helpful? Brice Taylor: The harmonic equipment that I spoke about in the book was actually explained to me by this member of the intelligence community - that was some of the specific programming equipment that had been used to program people.

It could be used to deprogram people. However, since then I have not been able to get anybody within the government obviously to bring this equipment out publicly.

But I do have some very good hope for people that have been through this to heal, and the closest that I know of help for people In fact, I am now in the process of beginning to open a business for EEG biofeedback. There is a company in California that is one of many around the country called "EEG Spectrum" and basically it is a way of a person working through with a computer game that is monitoring your own brain waves, where a survivor or anyone is able to begin to realize what brainwave state they are in.

Survivors are usually heavy Theta accessed - they are in Theta a lot. Basically what this does is to help people stay more into the Beta which is their conscious, alert awareness and learn that way. I bought the equipment and began working with my daughter at home during a few months when I was able to have her, and it borders on being miraculous.

I would say that the EEG biofeedback equipment and technology is the closest I know to help victims with memory retrieval and deprogramming - it is gentler, kinder and without so much body pain memory. How did that work?


About Brice Taylor

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