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The transition during the following years to a more modern and environmentally friendly fleet has gone a long way to improve not only the image of Santiago as a first world city but to eliminate the horrible belching clouds of dirty exhaust that used to tarnish the city. This article will help you get around the Chilean megalopolis using public transit.

I get around the city almost exclusively on micros buses and the Metro subway. Taxis at night are pretty cheap since there is little traffic. Tarjeta bip! You can purchase a card at any Metro station or any of the Centros bip! You can buy Metro rides as you go but you need a tarjeta bip to ride the micros. You can transfer from the Metro to a micro or vice versa at little to no extra cost up to 90 minutes from your first point of entry. Sometimes when I go out at night, the only things I carry are cash and my tarjeta bip!

In both English and Spanish, the booklet itself pictured has pages of city maps, a metro plan, and a list of all the streets in the city like any road atlas so you can do your own analog Google map search. The book is really better than any tourist map you can buy because it has all of the metro stops displayed clearly on the maps, and you can get to a lot of sites of interest by metro.

Transantiago app, map, and website To help you navigate transantiago you can utilize their website, download one of the free apps, pick up or print out a free paper map to plan your trips in Santiago. You can download the app for your iPhone , or you can use Moovit for your iPhone , android phone or tablet.

The map lists all the bus routes and metro lines and is super user friendly. I get around exclusively by using the MapCity book and the Transantiago paper map, which I keep posted on my wall.

The site works just like getting driving directions on Google maps: you can list a starting point and destination, and the site will tell you how to get there via public transit. Also do note if the address is or as the 0 indicates the exact same street but in a different comuna, so you could wind up many blocks away from your intended destination. Metro The Santiago Metro is very clean, efficient, and packed like sardines during rush hours. If you are planning on going by metro between am or pm, you may have to wait for a few trains to pass because of the dense conditions.

The good thing is that trains run very often so wait times are minimal. Nevertheless, you may need to be aggressive if you want to get on. Most other times are fine, just keep it in mind if you are traveling during those hours. Metro Map Santiago, Chile When you walk into a metro station, there are generally maps of the entire metro network as shown above very clearly displayed.

The lines are named by the last station that they reach in a given direction, so for example, Line 1 east is named Los Dominicos, and Line 1 west is named San Pablo.

So once you know where you are going, just swipe your tarjeta bip! Transferring is easy enough. When you get off a train in a transfer station, you will see a sign that says something like Cambiar a Linea 4 —La Cisterna change to line 4 to La Cisterna. Make sure you check the direction you need to go in or else you might end up on the wrong side of the platform. The main micros that you will be using are the inter-communal buses go to more than one zone as defined by the transantiago map , which can be discerned by their color: white with a green diagonal stripe see photo.

The local buses those that stay within one zone are painted the color of that zone on the map. At each metro stop there is a placard that says which buses should stop there. When a bus pulls up, it has its route and a list of the main streets it runs posted in its front window in the lower right.

Good Luck! Taxi recommendations Some taxi drivers in Santiago are notorious for ripping off foreigners, so you have to be careful. If you have local friends with you, have them direct the driver. Radiotaxis are the safest, they come right to your door after a quick phone call.

You can also download the EasyTaxi App and request a cab that way. The normal taxis are the ones that you see everywhere, yellow on top and black on the bottom. Note: This story was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question.








Mapa General Transantiago





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