Main article: Melchizedek Melchizedek is a king and priest appearing in the Book of Genesis. The name means "King of Righteousness" - a name echoing kingly and priestly functions. Alternatively, it is suggested this term was here intended to be treated as an agglutinated improper noun , and thus translated as rightful king rather than left as Melchizedek; this interpretation is taken by some modern translations, such as the New JPS Tanakh. See also: Righteous Priest The Law of Moses stipulates that only the male descendants of Aaron be commissioned to serve as Jewish priests before the God of Israel and the Jewish nation. This commission is believed in Judaism to be "a covenant of everlasting priesthood" " Brith HaKehuna " and not eligible for replacement by other tribes of Israel.

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Clearing of contracts and weights that you made with Creator when you knew whom you were. Healing many, many stories that hold negative energies and bringing back peace and light to situations in the time of now. Aiding the healing of issues that cause panic, stressful and fearful states. This package contains three meditations and uses divine energy working with Creator.

They aid those in receipt to ground in the here and now, assist with decision making and enable healthy choices. Bringing greater peace, aiding release of fears and gifting esoteric knowledge to aid the ascension journey and choices as you journey forward. The meditations are a free gift they are intended to help with some struggles we encounter as we raise out awareness of whom we truly are.

Meditation one — aids those listening ground in this time of ascension with peace. Meditation two- aids decisions making in the time of now and follow intuition. Meditation three- helps us make healthy choices knowing we are divinely supported. This reading enables those in receipt to have greater clarity on their journey forward. This ditty intends to draw you in, into a way of living, free from the need to reach for the gin. This book intends to bring you joy, in the knowing that stories that made you cry, can be transformed in a blink of an eye.

So delve into the the text within, that may resonate with you and make you grin. If you read inside, we can assure you of an awakening far beyond what you presently feel is real. Besides, it may make you walk with glee in your stride. An overview of the cosmos. I was just feeling so lost in my life. I was also holding on to events that had happened in my childhood.

Everyday things get clearer. I can see now that I am on my right purpose in life. I am starting to put myself first to help others. Thank you so much Sarah for my new awakening. I am in the midst of a move to another state and I am so grateful for how much more relaxed, trusting and aligned I am with everything that is going on with the planning, organizing, and challenges that come up. One of the many things we worked on in the session was worry. I am really a different person now and feel how my whole body is more relaxed even in stressful situations.

Even my mind seems more quiet. Since I do not have a permanent place to live when I get to Florida, I would ordinarily be concerned about getting something lined up.

Instead, while I am doing my due diligence, I am able to be more present in this now moment and trust that all will unfold in perfect Divine timing.

Thank you Sarah for helping me see life through a different lens. I would highly recommend working with Sarah. She is loving, kind, and awesome. They helped me see with greater clarity some of the core issues I had been working on. Sarah facilitated the sessions with such finesse and sensitivity which I appreciated. I highly recommend her who is a skillful and strong channel of light, yet with an affable and humble personality. Thank you so much again.

Still trying to breathe and be grateful that the funds are available for me even though it required debt. Thank you for your work and opening and holding the space. I have personally experienced some powerful energetic shifts in myself during and after the sessions. I have noticed that I attract more positive situations in my life, my response to old situations has completely changed. I feel more integrated as an individual with a more positive mindset. Thank you Sarah, I am so very grateful to you.

She gained much experience with working with the most vulnerable groups within society. This fast and uplifting healing modality enables those in receipt to clear many stories that hold us back within the Akashic records as well as contracts held with Creator. Such contracts aided the duality of existence and the continuum of life. Sarah reports it is the wish of Creator that souls walk forward with glorious joy, love and peace in mind, heart and soul.

Her educational background in nursing gave her an excellent base, she then went on to study many energy healing modalities. Her book can now be brought from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other large online retailers. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever. Results shared are not typical.

You may or may not experience anything from our sessions, the services provided by teachers, speakers and guests.

Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing illness, depression, anxiety, mood swings or any concerns whatsoever. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline. As a show of our appreciation, we are happy to offer a 30 day, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee to our valued customers to better help them discover if a product will work for them.

However, as a way to help show our speakers how much we treasure their knowledge and hard work, a refund can only be offered on one package per customer in a 90 day period.

Multiple refunds requested by the same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. Additionally, all requests for refunds should be submitted within the 30 day guarantee period.

We appreciate and thank all our listeners for understanding and respecting this guarantee.


Meet Melchizedek: Priest of God Most High

Gabriel Brings to Earth Rosicrucian Ties with the Egyptian Son of God There is more than meets the eye here for not only is there mention of a Christian son of god within Rosicrucian theology, but there is also that glaring son of god mentioned in the works of Hermes. The Rosicrucians were also quite explicit on the connection between the Sage Hermes and Jesus Christ. The two doctrines, being that of Hermes in the Corpus Hermetica and that of Christ, were reconciled through various European theologians who sought to bring them together in some sort of historical coherence. This was important for them, after all the books of Hermes though Egyptian appeared to be truly inspired by God, so much that they inspired the Rosicrucian movement. Many flocked to read them, but also wanted to examine them as being within the realm of Christianity. The essential reconciliation between the two did take place, and this happened just beautifully.


Priesthood of Melchizedek

His name means "king of righteousness ," and his title — King of Salem — means "king of peace. In an era of paganism and idolatry, Melchizedek clung to God Most High and served him faithfully. The Bible speaks of no other people in Canaan who worshipped the one true God. After God rescued the Jews from Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land , God ordered Joshua to destroy all the Canaanite tribes because they were wicked idolaters. Melchizedek blessed Abram, later to be renamed Abraham after Abram rescued his nephew Lot from enemy captivity and brought back other people and goods.

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