Determining whether or not the Gerson Therapy is the most optimal stand-alone primary treatment approach for you requires serious consideration and investigation. You and your medical team of local physicians and Gerson Practitioners will work together to develop a treatment plan and monitor progress. Based on your response and progress of disease, your treatment approach may change over time. Therefore, it is possible that your Gerson Therapy protocol, and the role of the Gerson Therapy in your overall treatment plan, may also change over time.

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All applications are evaluated on an individual basis, and some cases may not be eligible for treatment. The assigned Gerson Practitioner will make the initial contact in two business days. Some Gerson Practitioners may be available for in-person consultations on a case-by-case basis. The assigned Gerson Practitioner will contact the client to schedule the initial one-on-one consultation.

Additional documents may be requested at this time. Will I continue to work with my local physician? Over time, your treatment plans — whether they include alternative, conventional, or both — may change based on your response to a particular treatment. Additionally, the Gerson Therapy is a treatment system that takes place primarily at home, even for those who attend a licensed Gerson clinic.

For these reasons, we advise maintaining a positive rapport with your local physician. Your Gerson Practitioner will provide further guidance. What if my case is not eligible? A primarily plant-based diet, juices, and detoxification with coffee enema if safe can still support the body, improve, and in some cases, prolong the quality of life.

A Naturopath or holistic physician may be able to offer elements of the Gerson Therapy combined with other healing modalities.


Terapia Gersona. Czy dieta Gersona naprawdę leczy?



Cud terapii Gersona. Sprawdzony program żywieniowy leczenia raka i innych chorób.


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