LCD displays are increasingly replacing CRT monitors in the professional arena due to their increased operational flexibility and lower overall ownership cost. Redefining high performance in the mid-market sector, the new model incorporates a full HD resolution x WUXGA LCD panel, displaying high brightness and contrast images together with a superior viewing angle of degrees. This allows assured picture quality decisions as well as facilitating close colour matching for tiling applications. A stand is now supplied as part of the package. New full digital bit processing adds to the already impressive array of specifications, delivering smooth greyscale and colour transitions.

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Dimensions W x H x D Dimensions Colour Temperature Colour temperatures of k, k, or a user preset value can be selected. Both control characteristics also assure extremely tight colour matching between different model samples. Note that the new LMDW is compatible with current decoder boards.

It provides ultimate quad images with many functions associated. Combination of video and computer images side by side is also available. Selectable Scan Size and Aspect Ratio Over-scan and Normal-scan as well as full scan is available, and aspect ratio can be switched between and Advanced Video Markers The LMDW monitor can display various area markers, including a center marker, aspect markers, and a safety zone marker.

These flexible marker controls, together with the choice of many different aspect markers, make the LMDW monitor extremely convenient display devices for a variety of shooting scenarios - from standard video acquisition to digital cinematography.

The status of the signal displayed on the monitor can be identified by the tally colour - red, green, or amber. The aspect ratio can be switched between and according to the input signal.

The parallel connection allows up to 38 functions to be remotely controlled. Up to 16 embedded digital audio channels can be decoded and routed to the speakers. Analogue audio inputs are also catered for. Smart Function Key Lighting The key lighting contributes to the elegant design and enhances user functionality.

And to increase flexibility, the lighting can be switched off to eliminate any visual disturbance when multiple displays are employed for tiling purposes.

Protected Controls A key-inhibit switch prevents inadvertent operation from the control panel. Lighting function keys contribute to an elegant design ideally suited for display wall.

Productivity Boost With new picture-in-picture and on-screen Video waveform and audio level meter. Exceptionally Versatile Equally suited to AV or IT-based applications due to a broad range of inputs and multi-format signal capabilities. Low Maintenance No routine convergence, geometry or linearity adjustments necessary. No susceptibility to magnetic fields.

Reduced Operator Fatigue Flicker-free picture is more comfortable to view and reduces eye-strain. Low energy bills.


Sony LMD-2451W



Sony LMD-2050W Operating Instructions Manual


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