Often, furniture handles and furniture knobs are underrated, but it is the detail everyone sees and notices. With antique furniture handles from Hafele Home, you can give a whole room an antique flair whereas with flush handles you might create a more innovative atmosphere and modern furniture handles can catch the eye. Furniture handles are the detail which defines your room without putting a lot of effort in. Whatever flair you want to give your home, make sure you get the right furniture handles or furniture knobs from Hafele Home to conclude your design. Hafele Home offers a broad range of furniture handles and furniture knobs for you to choose from. European Quality Our products meet German and European standards.

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Embed Click "Embed" to display an article on your own website or blog. Planning your new kitchen is exciting but it can be overwhelming at times too, with so many different aspects to consider. Planning the colour scheme is the part they enjoy the most, but they are often scared of choosing one that will date quickly. These 10 classic and timeless colour schemes are worth considering for your next kitchen renovation.

To aid you in your selections, I have provided one benchtop suggestion and one cabinet door colour suggestion to help you achieve a similar look to each of the schemes in your own home the colours and materials I have suggested are not necessarily exactly what was used in the photos. Your cabinet maker or kitchen designer will be able to easily source all these materials for you.

You will notice that some colours will look different on your computer or tablet screen than they do in real life. This is because it depends on what type of screen you are viewing it on, the resolution of the uploaded images and the calibration of your screen.

This is why it is always best that you choose colours for your kitchen, or any room in your home, from real swatches or sample paint pots and never from shade cards unless real paint chips have been used or websites.

Mim Design 1. Black, White and Grey The contrast of black and white has been a much loved colour combination both in fashion and interiors for many, many years. Because there is no real colour as such, a black and white scheme can be brightened with various coloured accessories that can easily be changed as you tire of them. When we think black and white, we think black tie — smart and sophisticated, and most definitely not out of date. To create maximum impact with this colour scheme, look for the brightest, most crisp white and the purest black.

Then soften the harsh contrast of black and white by introducing some grey tones. Black is a strong tone that creates big impact, so if you have a small space, use it sparingly.

Consider a glossy finish for your black surfaces; this will help to bounce light around the room and make the black feel less heavy.


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10 Kitchen Colour Schemes That Will Stand the Test of Time


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