Nasce per consentire a Saudelli di disegnare le sue affascinanti e sensuali figure femminili, per consentirgli di spogliarle a piacimento e soprattutto di imbavagliarle e legarle in un tripudio di corde e funi. Ed infatti imbavagliamenti e legamenti nella trama hanno solo la funzione di impedire il movimento dei personaggi, non hanno alcuna valenza apertamente erotica. Lo stesso discorso vale per i piedi nudi in primo piano, ogni scusa e buona per mostrarne il maggior numero possibile, magari tirando in ballo aperte citazioni di Cenerentola. Lo stesso Saudelli ha definito La bionda come "una ragazzona alla Kathleen Turner, maldestra e buffa come Wyle Coyote". Ed a sottolineare questa discendenza, Wyle Coyote appare apertamente in una tv accesa nel primo episodio della serie, Colpo doppio. La bionda torna in gran forma nel numero 50 di Comic Art del dicembre con la storia Bondage Palace che prosegue fino al numero

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The Italian author and artist was born on 4. August in Latina Lazio. His name is closely tied to a special kind of erotic comic: the bondage and fetish comic - and here mainly the foot fetish.

Saudelli owes his fame in the comic book business to his creation La Bionda The Blonde. But before the erotic freestyle, first of all to the "serious duty". The collaboration with "author legend" Ricardo Barreiro deserves special mention. For the same magazine, Saudelli also designed "Giorno senza fine", a post-apocalyptic science fiction story written by Michael Gazarre, in addition to a few short stories. Along with the work for Eura, Saudelli also found a home at Orient Express magazine.

Like Wolfland, "Iberland" tells of an apocalyptic totalitarian future. Author was again Ottavio de Angelis. Then, in March , "La Bionda" - in issue 31 of the comic art magazine - appeared with which Saudelli achieved an international success. The adventures of the slightly scatterbrained, crazy, sexy thief are always one step ahead of the completely absurd.

But it is precisely the mixture of a crazy, satirical story, erotic fetish and bondage elements, as well as a main protagonist, who is both "slightly" crazy and sexually appealing, that make up the success of the series. The captivating stories seem quite erotic, but the comic never becomes explicit - or even pornographic -.

Male characters do not play a role in the "blonde" world, or lead an extra existence. After a "Holiday Special", the blonde beauty returned a year later in issue 50 with the short story series Bondage Palace The futuristic, matriarchal utopian city of Babilonia is the domain of the thieving blondes. Eros Comix from the USA took over the series years later and stopped after only six editions.

Baldazzini: "We quickly realized that we share many artistic interests, such as drawing illustrations and comic pages, based on photographs that we had taken ourselves.

Also for magazines such as Bizarre or Exotique or our common fondness for bondage and fetish, scenarios of dominating and submissive women, as well as the desire for new female characters" from Erotic Comic, Tim Pilcher.

Further contributions can be found in the issues and , as well as in the Gigante issues 5 and 7. This is no accident, as Casotto has worked with Saudelli for many years. Casotto learned the tricks of comic art from him, developed joint projects and was also available as a model.

Recently Saudelli has turned more to fetish photography and is working on his projects with different models. Franco Saudelli Der italienische Autor und Zeichner wurde am 4. August in Latina Lazio geboren. Autor war wieder Ottavio de Angelis. Die Abenteuer der leicht schusseligen, durchgeknallten, sexy Diebin stehen immer einen Schritt vor dem komplett Absurden.

Die fesselnden Geschichten wirken durchaus erotisch, aber explizit - oder gar pornografisch - werden die Comic nie. Die futuristische, matriarchalische Utopiastadt Babilonia ist das Wirkungsgebiet der diebischen Blonden.

Auch der fortschreitende Stil-Wandel von "La Bionda" von anfangs realistisch zu eher cartoonhaft gereichte der Figur nicht zum Vorteil. Franco Saudelli hat einen sehr klaren, eleganten und modernen Zeichenstil, der viele Parallelen zum Stil von Giovanna Casotto aufweist. Saudellis Stil ist vielleicht eine Ecke "cartooniger", als der von Casotto. Neuerdings verlegt sich Saudelli eher auf die Fetisch-Fotografie und arbeitet mit verschiedenen Modellen an seinen Projekten.

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Franco Saudelli


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