Within base unit range L When flashing: Handset is Dialing mode searching for the base unit. You can add 50 names and phone numbers to the phonebook. Important: L If you add entries on one handset, the L To enter another character that is located entries can be shared on all handsets. Page 17 You may either hear a dial tone or no one on the line when you answer the call. Contact your PBX supplier if necessary. This lets you know if you unit to delete automatically page

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By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown directly above it on the display. The default setting is OFF. Important: Temporary tone dialing for L When dial lock is turned on, only You can u v T U V 8 add 50 names and phone numbers to the phonebook.

To access the features, there are 2 methods: — scrolling through the display menus page 16 — Page 17 TGxBX e. Page 18 TGxBX e. An alarm sounds at the set time for 3 minutes. To This feature can help you identify who is use Caller ID features, you must calling by using different ringers for subscribe to a Caller ID service.

Page 22 TGxBX e. Enter the name 16 characters max. Outside calls can be transferred Note: between 2 handsets. Busy L Another handset is in use and the system is busy. Remove the batteries from the handset, and then insert the batteries into the handset again. Page 27 TGxBX e. L It is time to replace the batteries page 5. I fully charged the batteries, but L Clean the battery ends S, T and the the operating time seems to be Page 28 TGxBX e.

L If your unit is connected to any additional telephone equipment such as a Caller ID box or cordless telephone line jack, plug the unit directly into the wall jack. Try to re-register it again. L If the above remedy does not solve the problem, contact your nearest Panasonic service center. Page 30 TGxBX e. Be sure to keep these operating instructions in a safe place in order to prevent unauthorized persons from using your phone without permission.

All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written consent of Panasonic Communications Co. This manual is also suitable for:.



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Panasonic KX-TG3411BX Operating Instructions Manual


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