Maum Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management A naira increase in labour cost is likely to cause a change from subsistence to commercial production of telferia, given that the antilog of the coefficient 0. That is, whether a farmer produced telferia in commercial quantity or at subsistence level. The farmers kkru exposed to hazards of heat and cold, during the dry and rainy seasons respectively. Preliminary data in the study of the Western District Service and the Deakin University in collaboration with the National Centre kugu Farmer Health on obesity and depression in farm men and women indicates that the participants had an average BMI of In the past in Nigeria, obesity was considered fashionable and inelemee of good living. Skip to main content.

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Fejora This problem may be linked to the fact that vegetables are highly perishable due to their short shelf life resulting in sales at reduced prices in a bid to avoid wastage or incurring losses.

Each bundle weighed an average of 0. In an attempt to remedy this problem, Jackson and Pollock and Jackson, Pollock and Ward have provided generalized equations that have been validated for various age groups and athletic and non-athletic populations [ 20 ]. Rodahl K The Physiology of Work. These variations include the following:. Arch Intern Med In the first stage, five communities were randomly selected from a total of the ten communities in Eleme.

Are sure you want to delete this list. Two to three days were allowed for subjects to decide on voluntary participation. This situation is often the case in the wet season when vegetable supplies often outstrip immediate demands. Every volunteer was a patient. The incentives were not dispensed until the procedures for each subject were completed, except those who were not apparently healthy to take part in the study. HDL-C plays a critical role in reverse cholesterol transport [ 25 ].

Also, educational experience influenced the choice of commercial scale production in both seasons. Poor storability of fluted pumpkin presents a case in ineleke for the dearth of processing and storage facilities accentuated by kuri electricity supply in Nigeria. Tell us what you need. They depend on jneleme natural resources and the need to harness these resources.

Mean HCL-C was 0. The instruments used for the study are validated instruments and were checked to be in proper working condition. The sample for this study was made up of fifty-eight 58 subjects who are farmers. A newspaper article featuring obesity queried, if it is really an evidence of good living or a race to health problems [ 11 ].

He specialised in Agricultural Finance and Project Analysis. Pie and Bar charts were used to present the data Figures It was expected that increased sales prices in dry season would lead to production on a commercial scale, provided that the telferia producers aimed at profit maximization. Now if we take the natural log of eqn. It contains high levels of potassium and iron Akoroda,including significant amounts of antioxidants as well as hepato-protective and antimicrobial properties Nwanna, The study showed that the degree of air pollution in the area varies according to two prevailing wind directions that dominated the area.

The study indicated that NO 2 decreases with wind speed and relative humidity, and slightly increases with wind direction and temperature. Am J Cardiol The only link to Eleme and the outside world is a narrow strip of road. Save time contacting multiple businesses by having them call you. The popular method of skinfold measurement to predict percent body fat can provide reasonable estimates if performed by a properly trained technician and with a quality skin fold calliper. Most Related.


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Zolorg It is mainly cultivated as a leafy vegetable and it is used primarily in soups and herbal medicines or pot herbs Irvine, Per capita vegetables and fruits intake in Nigeria is still less than the g per day recommended by the World Health Organization as the minimum requirement for the growth and development of the body Mirmiran, Etowa, is a lecturer at the University of Port Hacourt, Choba. The findings of this study show that the farmers in this environment of study were mostly people in the healthy weight range. A summary of the evidence relating dietary fats, serum cholesterol, and coronary heart disease. Public enlightenment on the place of vegetables in household food security and income generation is a desideratum and gender focussed interventions is very imperative. The incentives were not dispensed until the procedures for each subject were completed, except those who were not apparently healthy to take part in the study. They do not have portable water, so they depend on water wells dug by each family or a group of families.



Malarr It may be that their energy expenditure is higher than their energy intake with the labour intensive nature of their operations without mechanization. All field operations are by manual labour, and because labour for farming in the rural areas is provided largely by the family, job types are carried out with consideration for age and sex. Reasonably accurate prediction of percent body fat from skinfolds therefore requires that the equation used for a given person must have been the one developed using a similar subject population. Etowa, is a lecturer at the University of Port Hacourt, Choba. Experimental investigations, epidemiological studies and clinical trials indicate conclusively that high serum cholesterol oneleme a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and that lowering cholesterol levels reduces the risk [ 21 ].


The study revealed that there is no significant relationship between pollutant concentrations and meteorological parameters. While still serving as proxies for the quantitative output levels, the binary dependent variable provided appropriate alternative for modeling the relationship that could not be explained by the multiple regression model. Moreover, farmers who depend on vegetable as a source of livelihood still live on low and unstable incomes. Samples were preserved in a cooler with ice-chips in a separate container which provided about the temperature of a refrigerator, before transportation to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Chemistry laboratory within one and half hours after collection.



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