The town was then in the Russian-controlled sector of partitioned Poland, known as the " Congress Kingdom ". During the Uprising, Leon developed a mental illness that he suffered from until his death in He suffered contusions to the neck and gunpowder injuries to his eyes, and was captured unconscious on the battlefield and taken to hospital in Siedlce. Prus was soon expelled from the Institute for his attitude toward the martinet Russian-language instructor.

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Frontispiece to first book edition of The Doll , His stories also often contain elements of fantasy or whimsy. It was only in , when Prus was forty, that he wrote his first historical fiction, the stunning short story, " A Legend of Old Egypt. The work of greatest sweep and most universal appeal is Pharaoh. His associations, by design and temperament, were with individuals and select worthy causes rather than with large groups.

He departed from this stance, however, in , when Imperial Russia experienced defeat in the Russo-Japanese War and Poles demanded autonomy and reforms. Prus wrote, in reference to his earlier position on revolution and strikes: "with the greatest pleasure, I admit it—I was wrong! Three years later a final novel, Przemiany Changes , was to have been, like The Doll , a panorama of society and its vital concerns.

Outside the palace is a sculpture of Prus seated on a bench. Indeed, he held the Polish Romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz in high regard. President John F. Kennedy , and continues to point analogies to more recent times. In addition, The Doll has been filmed several times, [84] and been produced as a television miniseries , [85] Pharaoh was adapted into a feature film.

A book edition appeared in 2nd, revised edition, He had sought, over his writing career, to develop a coherent theory of literary composition. Notes of his from to were never put together into a finished book as he had intended.

Each was born and reared in a rural area and had a "Polish" connection Bierce, born five years before Prus, was reared in Kosciusko County, Indiana , and attended high school at the county seat , Warsaw, Indiana.

Each became a war casualty with combat head trauma —Prus in in the Polish Uprising ; Bierce in in the American Civil War. Prus, however, unlike Bierce, went on from short stories to write novels. In this square stands St. In , to mark the th anniversary of his death, the Polish mint produced three coins with individual designs: in gold, silver, and an aluminum-zinc alloy.

Translated titles are given, followed by original titles and dates of publication.


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Anielka , the touching tale of a child and poor people wronged by fate or social conditions; novels with a permanent place in Polish literature: Placowka The Outpost, , the first naturalistic novel, a depiction of agrarian colonization; Lalka The Doll, , epic panorama of Warsaw life ; socially engaged Emancypantki The Emancipationists, ; historical-political portrayal of ancient Egypt in Faraon Pharoah, ; wealth of journalism in the Warsaw press: Kroniki Weekly Chronicles, Her mother Katarzyna was one of the relatives who held custody over an underage Prus. Boleslaw Prus suffered from agoraphobia throughout his life. He went on a tour of Europe in , and had to spend two months recuperating from the shock of being surrounded by large crowds.





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