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Quotes[ edit ] Any system of public administration inevitably reflects its environment. Leonard D. White , 22 , as cited in: Donald P. On the one hand, they are important and deserve] special consideration [because they] are always found at the right hand of the administrator whose actions must be legally defensible.

A lawyer, therefore, sits close to the seat of administrative authority Policy may have to yield to constitutionality, and the lawyers prescribe. On the other hand, it must be said that the training of the lawyer, based on precedent, and looking backward rather than forward for guidance, is not a training which is suited to make an ideal administrator.

White , Government Career Service, p. It is the relating of efforts and capacities of individuals and groups engaged upon a common task in such a way as to secure the desired objective with the least friction and the most satisfaction to those for whom the task is done and those engaged in the enterprise.

Frontiers of public administration. White, Introduction to the Study of Public Administration, ; ; Curiously enough, commentators on American political institutions have never produced a systematic analysis of our administrative system except from the point of view of the lawyer. Until the last few years even the text books have obstinately closed their eyes to this enormous terrain, studded with governmental problems of first magnitude and fascinating interest; and even today they dismiss the subject with a casual chapter.

It assumes that administration is a - single process, substantially uniform in its essential characteristics whether observed and therefore avoids the study of municipal administration, state administration, or federal administration as such. It is assumed that the study of administration should start from the base of management rather than the foundation of law , and is therefore more absorbed in the affairs of the American Management Association than in the decisions of the courts.

It assumes that administration is still primarily an art but attaches importance to the significant tendency to transform it into a science. It assumes that administration has become, and will continue to be, the hart of the problem of modern government.

The present system is far in advance of that which sufficed in , but its improvement has no more than kept pace with the added responsibilities heaped upon it. This definition covers a multitude of particular operations in many fields — the delivery of a letter, the sale of public land, the negotiation of a treaty, the award of compensation to an injured workman, the quarantine of a sick child, the removal of litter from a park, manufacturing plutonium, and licensing the use of atomic energy.

It includes military as well as civil affairs, much of the work of courts, and all the special fields of government activity— police, education, health, construction of public works, conservation, social security, and many others.

White[ edit ] Education in public administration has been strongly influenced by Leonard D. Using these formulations, other scholars may find differing approaches to the dilemma of identifying the theoretical assumptions that underly public administration as a field of inquiry. Herbert J. Storing , "Leonard D. White and the Study of Public Administration.

His desire "to organize his own knowledge" reminds us of how much hacking away at a jungle has to be done at such an early stage in the study of and reporting on a new field. John M. Gaus ,


Introduction To The Study Of Public Administration L.D.White Pdf

White Pdf This could be a problem for offline viewing, as an attractive feature of the app is the ability to look at files, Web pages, etc. From here you touch inside to customize the greeting. The downloaded file folder contained multiple files in addition to a readme, and also had two subfolders, one of which was just for licenses. And it works with Android and BlackBerry devices, as well, which is a nice plus for corporate environments without a single platform in use. White Pdfity as Gmail. It works quickly, albeit with limited features for customizing the output or sharing options.


Leonard D. White

What is Public Administration? Other definitions of Public Administration are the following: Public Administration is the accomplishment pencapaian of politically-determined objectives. Fesler Public Administration consists of all those operations having for their purpose the fulfilment or enforcement of public policy. Every particular application of general law is an act of administration. It is the action part of government - it is the means by which the purposes and goals of government are realised tercapai.

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