After completing Army academy, he served as an infantryman in the German army in Russia and the Balkans. This book was originally published in hardcover, in , in Switzerland. It was subsequently translated and re-released in This is a paperback edition, which is available through Racial Observer Books.

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September 27, at PM Public This book shows undoubtedly that a secret cooperation existed between the elites of both Nazis and Zionists to push the Jews into Palestine although everyone knew that this would stir up the ancient conflict with Arabs - or was this exactly what they wanted?

It also shows in great detail the reasons and explains how and why it was possible for those events to happen. Very few understand that there were actually two entities that wanted the German, later European Jews, to emigrate out of Germany and Europe - the German Nazis and The Germans had tried to arrange emigration to Madagascar and Uganda but those possibilities were closed by Jewish organizations.

What remained is a working relationship with the Zionist organizations Irgun and Haganah to facilitate emigration to Palestine. These two Jews made a brotherly agreement.

Such a policy is in the interest of Germany and will be executed by the Gestapo. Many wonder why World War II has never ended but still more than 50 years later rages on in the Middle East and elsewhere.

And most importantly, why in the process so many millions have perished and continue to perish. In other words, why ever since its inception thousands of years ago Israel has been in war with Jews and the rest of humanity. A must read for everyone. From the back cover: On the front cover are seen two criss-crossed runic letters "Eihwaz" symbolizing Yews surrounded by some secret inscription, which as trees have the property of immortality.

There Humans would confront their deepest fears and rebirth with a new Wisdom, which cannot be taught but must be experienced. As any seeker of the truth hidden in the Divine Runes must surmount obstacles in order to reveal it, so it was the case with the author, for whom the postscript would have helped to remove.

The postscript also benefits the reader who soon will view the whole truth in a movie, and in effect, from the world of illusions enter the world of reality. And - Why? For an answer to this question look into this book.


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Newer Post Older Post Home. I cannot emphasize the hennekce too strongly. The overall thesis of this book is that Hitler played a major part in the Jewish seizure of Palestine, in some ways deliberately and in some ways unwittingly, which I most certainly agree with. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One thing this book suggests is that Hitler had a strong differentiation between Western and Eastern Jews, which could very well be true.


Kardel, Hennecke: „Adolf Hitler – Begründer Israels“


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