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Akinora Manual Download Mocht ik iets vergeten zijn te beantwoorden of onduidelijk zijn geweest, laat het dan maar weten. Thats the most common learning strategy there is for human beings. When you take the Lama out, let some one film it! Before you power up the TX push and keep pushed the two small buttons on the left near the display. Learning to fly a helicopter takes time. Sorry for not being as clear anoeitung you as I wished to be. Switch TX off and on after binding and channel 2 has his own binding and is ready for setting up.

Loosen the ball head of the pitch control on the swash plate. Mooie site heb je trouwens. Just make your hours on the SIM. Just keep on practicing and before you know it things get easier So if you can go outside, find a open place with no people or dogs, etc and get the machine a little higher. Bei einem Alneitung mit Trainerhaube ist das Gyro von. I now have the set as n1 and the as n2. Below 3ft your heli will encounter tremendous wake aka rotor wash.

I learned the hard way without and I wish I had used a sim. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. At 64 my learning curve has slowed WWWWaaaaaayyyyyy down.

The gyro is accessible from the outside with models that. If not 22adjust the circulation height of both the blades by. Also check if channel to is the heli mode with Ccpm mixing. Only move to next small step until your mastered your current practise. Then power the TX and then let go of the 2 buttons. Power up TX and push the two left buttons at the same time. Notify me of new comments via email. If you can go outside and find yourself more space.

I visit there chat too. Heb je vragen zo goed mogelijk beantwoord. By time you will learn to control your Belt easier. This huge heli is a total nother world. AT least thats how it worked in my case. E Sky belt-cp Instruction Manual Mode or via a channel in the remote-control dual mode. Can be lots of fun 2. Our Tx has a 5 model memory so we are gonna use that feature for it. Using a sim is great for orientation practice. Notify me of new posts via email.

I got myself an Esky Big Lama a couple weeks ago. Die Empfindlichkeit kann am Gyro direkt Single Mode bzw. What I meant is that when you open a new channel for a new bird, new settings etc, you have to bind the TX and RX. Hi Tony, Thanks for visiting my website finallyand thanks for leaving a message!

Use the right two buttons to go to lets say N2. And hovering a little higher makes life easier. I am sure you encountered it already. Ajleitung it, continue to print.

Betrachten Sie die Blattspitzen in Richtung der Rotations. Check manual for that. Hovering in rotor wash is good to train reflexes. Enter text from picture: Hi Paul, Thanks for coming back with some feedback.

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