Il re delle mosche[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] La dottoressa Rose Russell si rivolge a Dylan Dog in seguito ad un serie di delitti accaduti presso il dipartimento di chimica presso cui sta facendo il tirocinio. La dottoressa si convince quindi che ci sia la mano del diavolo dietro tutto questo. Il piccolo diavolo[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Il signor Coleman e suo figlio Michael sono due svuote cantine che un giorno, liberando la cantina di un anziano signore defunto, ritrovano oggetti ricondubili alla magia nera. Seppelliti vivi! Entrati in una galleria, nella cabina dei due protagonisti entra Wallis, e, poco dopo, la ferrovia ha un tremendo incidente nella quale i vagoni in testa vengono coinvolti. Wallis decide, dopo essere stato consigliato da Dylan, di andare a cercare i superstiti per poi uscire dalla galleria.

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Shelves: comics , format-graphic-novels , genre-thriller , genre-horror , language-swedish , origin-italy , theme-death , theme-decease , genre-books-about-comics So, the Swedish publication of the Italian supernatural detective comic Dylan Dog continues, with what must be their strongest effort to date. This is a graphic novel length story where the "monster" is decease, incarnated as a sensuous, cruel woman, and the hero spends most of the story slowly dying, going back and fourth between different states of consciousness, one more frightening than the other.

The writing by Roberto Recchioni is persuasive, as he managed to give me a creeping, disturbing So, the Swedish publication of the Italian supernatural detective comic Dylan Dog continues, with what must be their strongest effort to date.

And the art by Massimo Carnevale is very suitable for this allegorical story, full och contrasts between black and white and often rather sketchy, indicating the more or less delusional state of the hero.

It has since been hailed as a high point in the production of Dylan Dog comics, showing how a commercial comic can be used to tell stories that are both poignant and relevant, resonating political, ethical and cultural issues in the society.

The Swedish edition was based on the special extended Italian book version published a few years after the regular issue of Dylan Dog, and all the extras, with interviews, sketches and so on, are included, giving insights into the process of making this story.

But the Swedish publisher has also added four full page, full color fan arts by Swedish artsist and an extra chapter by the translator, giving a background to the debate that the comic started in Italy. In addition to this the publisher has also restored some censored panels that adds extra weight to the story. All in all, a beautiful production, done with both professionalism and heart.

E, para tal, existem os cuidados paliativos!


Mater Morbi

Publication history[ edit ] Dylan Dog was created by Tiziano Sclavi , a comics and novel writer, while the graphic representation of the character was elaborated mainly by Claudio Villa , who was its first cover artist too, taking the inspiration from the English actor Rupert Everett , as he saw in the movie Another Country. In August , the series has reached the number , entitled "Ritratto di famiglia" "Family Portrait". Annuals[ edit ] In August a special annual release was added to the monthly series, called Numero Speciale Special Issue , with one story longer than usual and, in addition, small extra books on various horror -related subjects. January saw the appearance of a new annual book, the Dylan Dog Gigante "Giant-Size Dylan Dog" , so called because it was much larger than the monthly book and because it contained more stories. Dylan Dog maxi came out in July This was another annual release that collected together three previously unpublished stories. Alfredo Castelli and Tiziano Sclavi wrote and plotted this story, and Giovanni Freghieri did the drawings.


Albi di Dylan Dog (2009)




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