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John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Granjas Esmeralda encuentra en otra parte. Se supone que el diccionario de Webster incluye todas C. Buttress se encuentra en cualquiera de ellos, igualmente que thread, pero no buttress thread. Y glesias de la ciudad de criterio.

Las partes principales experto en muchas cosas. Bunker con quien he pasado muchas horas en Caracas. Sorne material had to be laid aside, and although the resulting book dealt thoroughly with civil engineering, it could not go very far with the terms of other fields. Shortly after publication of the original book I retired from active work and have since found ample time to devote to the compilation of a much more com- prehensive dictionary.

The items formerly laid aside have been worked in and a maJls of new material has been studied. I have consulted many friends in Latl. I have constantly combed the engineering periodicals and the newest books in both languages. My field is still engineering. Frequent references to chemistry, geology, or metallurgy do not mean that these subjects are covered. Each of them would need a volume of its own. Terms of these and other sciences here included are those which are regularly n,eeded in connection with engineering work.

The same criterion has governed the selection of a very few of the terms of finance, insurance, and transportation. In enlarging the book my principal objectives have been three: l. To cover electrical and mechanical engineering much more thoroughly. Radio, of which the first edition had nothing, has been given thorough study.

Important terms of television have been included. To bring all branches of civil engineering up to date. Special attention has been given to photogrammetry, soil mechanics, and airport construction. To include the important terms peculiar to mining, shipbuilding, logging, sugar milling, and oil-field operations. A new feature is the notation of gender with all Spanish nouns. The purpose of a technical dictionary is to furnish information not found elsewhere.

Many of the words in this book will be found also in the best English-Spanish general dictionaries. Broad is found anywhere and so is irrigation, but not broad irrigation. Buttress is found and so is thread, but they cannot be combined into an equivalent for buttress thread.

Most of my effort has gone into pinning down the phrases. The listing of machine parts calls for the constant use of judgment. Every manufacturer has his own list of parts for each machine, and sorne machines have parts running into the thousands. The principal members of a machine xi must be listed, and with these, plus terms like bearing, cam, bolt, spring, roller, and valve, equivalents of the vast majority of part names may be written easily.

In spite of sorne advice to the contrary I still believe that definitions are out of place in a two-language technical dictionary. The user who turns to slip- ring motor in a book such as this wants the accepted Spanish equivalents of that term and is not looking for a description of a slip-ring motor.

My practice has been to define a term only in default of a satisfactory equivalent or occasionally to avoid ambiguity.

I am particularly grateful to Mr. George C. Edmund B. Besselievre of the Dorr Co. Yglesias of Mexico City.


Diccionario Para Ingenieros - ROBB



Diccionario Para Ingenieros



[PDF] Diccionario para ingenieros - Luis A. Robb



Diccionario para Ingenieros, Español-Ingles/Ingles-Español - Luis A. Robb


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