Shelves: from-library , non-fiction , economics , read Africa is this huge, Africa-shaped continent south of Eurasia and kind of east of South America. Its well known for many reasons, such as elephants, lions but not tigers or bears , and cheetahs. Its the place where modern hominins evolved yet now, millions of years later, it is one of the most impoverished places on Earth. Of course, Im speaking broadly here.

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Criticism 1 — Aid does not bring about economic growth At the end of chapter 3 — Aid is not working, Moyo starts to outline her basic criticism of Aid — This basic criticism being that aid has not effectively promote economic growth in Africa — Over 1 trillion dollars has been pumped into Africa over the past 60 years and there is little to show for it. In fact, according to Moyo, aid is malignant, it is the problem! He manufactures around nets a week.

He employs 10 people, who each have to support upwards of 15 relatives. However hard they work, they cannot make enough nets to combat the malaria-carrying mosquito. With the market flooded with foreign nets, however, our mosquito net maker is promptly out of business.

His ten workers can no longer support their dependents. Now think of what happens 5 years down the line when the mosquito nets are torn and beyond repair, we have now mosquito nets, and no local industry to build any more.

Over the past thirty years, the most aid-dependent countries have exhibited growth rates averaging minus 0. One could also simply cite Botswana and Ghana as case studies of aid-recipient countries that have grown to counter her one example of Zambia. Criticism 2 — Aid Encourages Corruption, which in turn retards growth Unlike the previous section, Moyo does use a reasonable amount of statistical drawn mainly from Transparency International and case study evidence in this section… According to Moyo — If the world has one image of African statesmen, it is one of rank corruption on a stupendous scale.

He is also famous for leasing Concorde to fly his daughter to her wedding in the Ivory Coast shortly after negotiating a lucrative aid deal with Ronald Reagan in the s. However, Moyo now drifts from the data and starts implying causality by asserting that growth cannot occur in an environment where corruption is rife, citing the following un-evidenced reasons among others. Corruption leads to worse development projects — corrupt government officials award contracts to those who collude in corruption rather than the best people for the job.

This results in lower-quality infrastructure projects. Aid is corrosive in that it encourages exceptionally talented people to become unprincipled — putting their efforts into attracting and siphoning off aid rather than focusing on being good politicians or entrepreneurs.

On the above two points it is also worth noting that these criticisms are really just fusions of the previous two criticisms of aid — that it prevents economic growth and breeds corruption. Criticism 5 — Aid and Civil War Moyo points out that there are three fundamental truths about conflicts today: they are mostly born out of competition for control of resources; they are predominantly a feature of poorer economies; and they are increasingly internal conflicts.

Unlike in the previous two sections, here she offers up one example to support her argument Sierra Leone before reminding us that aid also causes conflict more indirectly by reducing the prospects for economic growth. According to Moyo, this throws up the following problems It makes Africans lazy It leads to low tax revenues no need to tax the citizenry if money is flooding in from outside! Citing Boone — it leads to bloated inefficient public sectors.

Finally, it leads to Western donors being able to call the shots. One has to reflect on why Moyo is so selective — I think it unlikely that an Oxford and Harvard Graduate has failed to read widely enough for this to be innocent — Especially when the author has 8 years at Goldman Sachs under her belt….


Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid – A Summary and Criticism



Dambisa Moyo



Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa


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