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The material and formulas are present, but the explanations, purpose, and above all - passion is lacking. The physics books from Giancoli are so much better, in my opinion. The author communicates the beauty and love of the material as well as good examples and illustrations to help not only to understand the content, but to leave the learner with a sense of appreciation. Jan 15, If you are looking to excel at becoming fluent in mechanical engineering, this book with set you straight. Where to begin.

If you are an undergrad and want a book that covers all the topics in mechanical engineering, then this is, not a good book, but a great book. Hetcht, et al College Physics is writing in simple, yet effective manner.

A reader is quickly introduce to topics that many authors will bloviate for pages on end, yet Hecht et al will, for example, mathematically describe acceleration, that being a change in velocity divided by a change in time, with sentences at most.

And the entire book is laid out in this fashion. Hetcht et al cover all the basic topics relating to kinematics, kinetics, work energy theorem, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, ideal gas law, AC and DC electricity, resistors, capacitors, inductors, RLC circuits, optics, and concludes with nuclear physics.

With all that said, get this book. It will help you immensely. Many practice problems with the solutions in them with the solutions. I recommend for people who are new to Physics. Best Selling in Nonfiction.


College Physics


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