It competes with the Leica CL, at far less cost. Its specifications are pretty nifty for its genre. The Canon web site goes on to explain that the "G" stood for "grade up" in quality improvement, and the "III" for the third of the Canonet series. Very smooth, comfortable, large advance lever Large, easy to grip rewind lever AE exposure lock, just depress the shutter release slightly Quick 45 degree lens focusing action Canon fast "QL" Quick Loading film feature, very advanced for its time. However, a rotating film rewind lever as you advance the film tells you the same thing PC connection with protective plastic cover.

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They also pre-dated cameras with built in — but often rather so-so — zoom lenses. And the form factor fit right in with the intent — not threateningly large and bulky, but pleasingly compact, yet with an undeniable solidity. Back in the day, the user was expected to expend at least the modest effort of determining that the subject was in focus. These were precision machines — lots of metal, inside and out, with lovely, fast lenses of serious design.

QL stood for the quick loading mechanism, whereby the user simply pulls a short length of film out of the cassette and across the back of the camera and closes the door.

In stepping into the compact rangefinder waters, my approach has been to look for very clean examples that have recently been adjusted, checked, and had their light seals replaced. For every one of these bargains, my hunch is that there are twenty or more with age-crumbling seals, sticking shutters, and the dreaded black tendrils of fungus blooming in the lens or the viewfinder.

No, thank you. Thus, my Canonet arrived in lovely condition with a clear and bright viewfinder and smoothly functioning controls. That medium would also confirm important information as to shutter and metering accuracy. The destination was the Historic District of Annapolis, Maryland. In the foreground is the inviting Georgian House bed and breakfast, which occupies a handsome pre-Revolutionary home built in Thus, one sets an appropriate shutter speed for the type of shot and an easy to read scale along the right side of the viewfinder tells you the aperture the meter has selected.

If you prefer more or less depth of field, simply readjusting the shutter speed on the lens barrel will allow such changes. Incidentally, the Canonet QL17 GIII can also be used in full manual mode, should that be your preference for special effects, tricky lighting where the meter might get fooled, or if the battery should die.

The motif suggested the black and white treatment I subsequently created from the original Ektachrome frame on that first roll. Created from an Ektachrome color transparency. A stop here for the fifth of my five frames with the Canonet and a motif warm and fuzzy in the sunshine of this late winter afternoon.

She was skilled in spinning tales. On an equally pleasant sunny afternoon, this time closer to home in northern Virginia I stopped at the gleaming Silver Diner in Merrifield to capture a bit of Americana in the bright afternoon sunshine.

For this one, I decided to use a polarizing filter to make the sky a bit more dramatic. And, as the Canonet incorporates its meter sensor in the lens mount, there are no worries about calculating a filter factor to dial in. Cheers, and happy film shooting!


The Canon QL17 Giii – Discovering cameras I’d Missed Along the Way – Part 1 – By Steve Ember

The only difference is that the G-III has a battery check light. You will know if things are canonn if you see light meter movements, and canoney to variation in light. It was gungy when I got it. Find More Posts by wamjam. Or compare it against another camera or a light meter. Mine has a battery well not a slide out chamber like the QLIII and I have no idea what battery is supposed to go in there. Learn More — opens in a new window or tab.


Canon Canonet QL17 Manual



Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual


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