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Mezigul Thanks for the suggestion any other ideas? If you want the Shell to display specific file properties in the infotip for a specific file type, create an entry called InfoTip in the ProgID key for that file type. Metadata handler Provides read and write access to metadata properties stored in a file. Animated GIF images only display the first frame of the picture and will not be animated. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

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Reddit 0 Shares When you click a video file in File Explorer, the Preview pane may not show the image preview nor the mini-player control for the chosen file. In some cases, No preview available message is shown in the Preview pane for selected or all media file types. Enable Thumbnails and Preview Handlers The first step is to make sure the folder settings are configured correctly.

Click the File menu in File Explorer, and select Change folder and search options. In the Folder Options dialog, click the View tab. This enables the thumbnail previews and also activates the Preview handlers that are registered for each file type. The ultimate fix is to add the thumbnail hander and the preview handler shell extensions for media files using the registry fix below. After running the fix, image thumbnails, as well as the previews, should work fine for the supported file types, no matter which program you set as the default.

You can install WMP via optional features and apply the registry settings below. Note that WMP need not be set as the default media player.

Double-click the file to apply the settings to the registry. This should restore back the thumbnail as well as Preview functionality in Explorer. One small request: If you liked this post, please share this? One "tiny" share from you would seriously help a lot with the growth of this blog. Some great suggestions: Pin it! So thank you so much for your support, my reader.

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Fix “No Preview Available” and No Thumbnails for Media Files

Related topics Implementing Shell Extension Handlers Much of the implementation of a Shell extension handler object depends on its type. There are, however, some common elements. This section discusses those aspects of implementation that are shared by all Shell extension handlers. The standard entry point to the DLL. COM calls this function to determine whether the object is serving any clients. If not, the system can unload the DLL and free the associated memory. The Shell uses these interfaces to initialize the handler.


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Creating Shell Extension Handlers


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