Zule Do not use the handset in potentially explosive areas. Effects on such equipment cannot be fully ruled out. Die Aufzeichnung der Nachricht wird in diesem Fall abgebrochen. Wurde der Sicherheitscode dreimal falsch eingegeben, wird die Leitung automatisch getrennt. Telefon in Betrieb nehmen. Refer to Page 39 for the sequence of menu option selections.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The system switches to Standby mode by pressing the E button. Full Half empty Low Empty Automatic answering If this function is activated, an incoming call is taken when the handset is removed bedienungsankeitung the base station.

Namen eingeben Die Ziffern-Tasten sind mit Buchstaben beschriftet. Disposal Intended use In order to dispose of your device, take it to a collection point pro- vided by your local public waste authorities e.

Proceed as in this example for all the settings. The free pre-remote bedienungsanelitung function enables you to determine whether new messages have been left on your answering machine. Only use batteries of the same type. Pay attention the correct polarity. Any ronxo use is considered unintended use.

Achten Sie auf die richtige Polung! Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Key function assignment table. The adjacent symbol indicates that the device must not be disposed of in normal domestic waste!

The batteries are being charged. K Open the call log K or L, F Select the entry and dial the number If the handset called does not answer, take the external call back by pressing the I button. Refer to the menu structure to find how to access the respective functions. Batteries must be disposed of at the point.

On this page you bedienungsanlitung get: The recorded messages are played back in the sequence they were recorded. Handset ringing melody 28 HS1: A call is currently being made. Die Rufnummer kann nicht angezeigt und somit auch nicht in der Anrufliste gespeichert werden.

As a result, it is Increasing the range possible to integrate AUDIOLINE devices and devices ausioline other manu- Position the base stations so that the ranges of the audiloine base stations facturers together in one telephone system.

Do not use the handset in potentially explosive areas. Any other use is considered unintended use. Laden Sie die Akkus. A call has been received. Intended use The telephone is suitable for telephoning within a public telephone network system. When the answering machine memory is full, OGM 2 is automatically played. Wurde der Sicherheitscode dreimal falsch eingegeben, wird die Leitung automatisch getrennt.

These settings are completed on the handset. For reasons of safety, only use the power adapter plug and telephone connection line supplied. This function can only be used when your telephone network provider actually offers the service.

Nachrichten aus dem Speicher. You can repeat this procedure as often as required. End the call before the 4th ring. Fragen Sie Ihren Netzbetreiber nach weiteren Informationen. With regard to the base station with answering machine, use the power adapter plug bearing the output data: Das Mikrofon ist stummgeschaltet. O Play the outgoing message D Delete the outgoing message Alert signal for recorded messages An alert signal is issued at one minute intervals to indicate that a new message or memo has been recorded.

The maximum length of bedienungsanleitunb message is 2 minutes. Cordless dect gap telephone with answering machine 84 pages. If the security code is entered incorrectly bedifnungsanleitung times, the line is automatically disconnected. According to laws on the disposal of electronic and electrical devices, owners are rondi to dispose of old electronic and electrical devices in a separate waste container.

Es erreicht Sie ein Anruf.


Bedienungsanleitungen für Audioline - Telefone

Contact your network provider for further information. Proceed as in this example for all the settings. Makeln, Anklopfen und Konferenz. Sie befinden sich in der Anrufliste. DECT1 telephones can cause an unpleasant humming sound in hearing aids. All information such as file size, preview picture, category manual, model and more, you can find below.





Audioline RONDO 280 Operating Instructions Manual



Audioline RONDO 280


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