Nenhuma nota no slide Aris Mashzone 1. ООО Дайнова консалтинг 2 3. О компании ООО Дайнова Консалтинг динамично развивающаяся компания, образованная в конце года на базе практики консалтинга компании Software AG — вендора по продуктам, с которыми мы работаем, а так же ряда партнеров, работающих на рынках России и стран СНГ. ООО Дайнова консалтинг 3 4. Услуги Большинство консультантов ООО Дайнова Консалтинг являются сертифицированными специалистами по продуктам, на базе которых мы оказываем услуги и имеют от 3 лет опыта работы в проектах. ООО Дайнова консалтинг 4 5.

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Set favorite Display MashApps Use MashApps Insert display component Assign data Set filter Set title Set size Place display component Display preview Select data source Calculate feed data Change data type Define calculation rule Combine data feeds Finish feed definition Delete MashApp Display MashApp view Print MashApp view Save MashApp view as image Publish a MashApp with guest access Copy MashApp address to clipboard Set display size Refresh data Display MashApp properties Display history of a MashApp Save display component as image Display data of a display component as a table Save data of a display component as a CSV file Copy MashApp Add MashApp view Delete MashApp view Format MashApp view Duplicate MashApp view Format display component Specify link Move to front or back Delete display component Duplicate display components Apply style Automatically refresh data Set gridlines Use master view Change style template Change MashApp name Change MashApp description Assign keywords to a MashApp Use user input Change data feed description Share data feed Delete data feed Edit data feeds Copy data feeds Use data sources Refresh data cache Zoom editor view Use feed editor Change data feed name Use operators Set source data Display raw data Assign keywords to a data feed Display change history of a data feed Display data feed properties Manage users Delete users Assign users to particular user groups Create user groups Edit user groups Delete user groups Import LDAP users and user groups Delete LDAP users and user groups Set function privileges Share resource directory Change proxy server settings Add license key Enter Google Maps key Edit e-mail templates Create database connection Change database connection Delete database connection The content of this document is subject to copyright law.

Any changes, modifications, additions, or amendments require prior written consent from Software AG. Reproduction in any form is only permitted on the condition that the copyright notice remains on the reproduced document. Publication or translation in any form requires prior written consent from Software AG. This manual describes the settings and functions as they were at the time of print.

Since manual and software are subject to different production cycles, the description of settings and functions may differ from actual settings and functions. Information about discrepancies is provided in the Readme file that accompanies the product. Please read this file and take the information into account when installing, setting up, and using the product. Software AG does not control the external Web sites to which links are provided.

Software AG is not responsible for the content of such Web sites or further links provided on them. External links are provided solely for your convenience and do not imply endorsement of the content of linked sites by Software AG.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. D,, pat. The chapter Procedure Page 38 provides general and basic information on how to proceed. Selected comprehensive use cases are described in the chapter Use cases Page The Appendix Page supplies further descriptions and technical references, e. Tip The following pages provide valuable tips and tricks. Frequently asked questions are answered and numerous practical use cases described.


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