Few sons, indeed, are like their fathers. Generally, they are worse; but just a few are better Homer, Odyssey Peter Evans is the master of biographies. He did not disappoint with Ari.

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Onassis became a successful shipping entrepreneur and was able to send his children to prestigious schools. When Onassis graduated from the local Evangelical Greek School at the age of 16, he spoke four languages: Greek his native language , Turkish, Spanish, and English. Argentina[ edit ] At age 17 in , Onassis arrived in Buenos Aires , Argentina, by Nansen passport , and got his first job as a telephone operator with the British United River Plate Telephone Company, [5] while following studies in commerce and port-duty administration at Aduanas Argentinas.

He later became an entrepreneur, creating an Argentine import-export company, going into business for himself and making a fortune importing English-Turkish tobacco to Argentina. After gaining his first fortune in Argentina, he expanded his shipping business worldwide and relocated to New York City , USA, where he built up his shipping businesses empire while keeping offices in Buenos Aires and Athens.

Shipping[ edit ] Onassis built up a fleet of freighters and tankers that eventually exceeded seventy vessels. More austere regulations in countries such as the USA which afforded higher wages and safety standards allowed access to domestic routes with higher freight rates but at far greater running expense.

This and his astute business sense helped Onassis earn handsome profits in the highly competitive shipping market. Onassis made large profits when the Big Oil companies like Mobil , Socony , and Texaco signed long-term contracts known as time charters at fixed prices before the spot market fell.

The high profitability of the Onassis fleet has been attributed in large part to his disregard for standards that normally govern international shipping.

Led by Dr Patrick McTaggart-Cowan , executive director of the Science Council of Canada , the Commission found that the Arrow had been operating with almost none of its navigation equipment serviceable: [13] " radar had ceased to function an hour before the ship struck; the echo sounder had not been in working condition for two months; and the gyrocompass Onassis wished the country to remain a resort for an exclusive clientele, but Rainier wished to build hotels and attract a greater number of tourists.

Since the Arabian-American Oil Co. By , a specific U. He was charged with violating the citizenship provision of the shipping laws which require that all ships displaying the U. Among them all, just one could be considered adult. All animals that pass within the range of the harpoon are killed in cold blood. The Greek government decided to give this and other companies to the private sector, and, on 30 July , Onassis signed a contract granting him the operational rights to the Greek air transport industry.

When Onassis heard during the negotiations that he would not be able to use the five Olympic rings in his logo due to copyright issues, he simply decided to add a sixth ring.

The following year saw , passengers transported. The agreement lasted until 10 December , when a number of factors namely, a series of strikes, shortage of passengers, fuel price increase, and a law from the new Greek government forbidding Olympic Airways to fire employees led Onassis to terminate his contract. Following this event, Paul Ioannidis, a high-ranking director from Olympic Airways, said the following of Onassis: "Deep down, [he] did not want to relinquish Olympic Airways. He found it flattering to own an airline.

It was something in which he took deep pride. It was his accomplishment. He was married to the sea, but Olympic was his mistress. We used to say that he would spend all the money he made at sea with his mistress in the sky. For example, in , he signed a deal with De Havilland to buy four Comet 4B jets. Onassis was also renowned for his attention to service quality, which led him to buy gold-plated utensils and candles for the dining service of the first-class section.

At the time, his ownership of Olympic Airways distinguished Onassis as one of only two men in the world to own a private airline, the other being Howard Hughes of TWA. He also owned additional shares that secured his control of 95 multinational businesses in five continents. Onassis had cultivated Greek junta dictator Georgios Papadopoulos , for his assistance with the scheme, loaning Papadopoulos the use of his villa and buying dresses for his wife.

The project was heavily criticized by people such as Helen Vlachos , a journalist from Athens. Livanos and Arietta Zafrikakis, on 28 December Livanos was 17 at the time of their marriage; Onassis was Onassis and Livanos had two children, both born in New York City: a son, Alexander — , and a daughter Christina — Onassis named his legendary super-yacht after his daughter.

To Onassis his marriage to Athina was more than the fulfillment of his ambitions. He also felt that the marriage dealt a blow to his father-in-law and the old-money Greek traditionalists who held Onassis in very low esteem.

They met in during a party in Venice promoted by Elsa Maxwell. After this first encounter, Onassis commented to Spyros Skouras : "There [was] just a natural curiosity; after all, we were the most famous Greeks alive in the world.

President John F. Onassis offered Mrs. The whole marital contract was discussed with Ted Kennedy. Onassis died at age 69 on 15 March at the American Hospital of Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine , France, of respiratory failure, a complication of the myasthenia gravis from which he had been suffering during the last years of his life.

The remainder of his estate was left to his daughter, Christina. This amount would reportedly grow to several hundred million under the financial stewardship of her companion Maurice Tempelsman.

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Ari : the life and times of Aristotle Socrates Onassis



Ari: The Life and Times of Aristotle Onassis




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