Not the reincarnated Archangel Raziel as expected, but definitely protected by him, and it is she who will determine the fate of the universe for good or for bad. The snake son of Lilith, Python, is determined to stop her. And Angela is determined not to kill her best friend Sophia in order to open up the Book of Raziel needed to do what needs to be done. All characters are three dimensional.

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Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews Angela Mathers has not Angela Mathers has not had the easiest childhood; she has extreme reactions to vivid dreams and can see angels. For Angela, seeing is believing and she once again takes it to an extreme.

She decides to try to kill herself, hoping that she would be able to live in a world with angels-she mistakenly believes angels are only around and with the dead or dying. In the beginning of the book, the author explains much of the necessary background a reader would need to fully grasp the concepts of this novel.

The action starts about a quarter into the novel. Angela may not be a perfect character, but that is part of her appeal. She has a bit of a "devil-may-care" attitude at times and can be very reserved. The reader will have to "work on" Angela to truly grasp her personality. The other characters are all intriguing. Each has a very different quality or characteristic from the rest.

The idea that their alliances are not set in stone and the secondary characters are actually thinking, rather than just remaining set in their opinion, is really unique. Readers will not find that quality in many other books. The plot of this book is intricate. The book was a suspenseful paranormal fantasy with a tinge of romance. Most helpful negative review Average rating:1out of5stars, based onreviews Ugh, this book was ter Ugh, this book was terrible.

It had such promise, great cover, intriguing storyline. But unfortunately it fell very short of my expectations. I could never quite picture the location of the events, and frankly much of it was convoluted and confusing.

If it had another pages of description and character development it might have been bearable. See more Ugh, this book was terrible. See more.


Archon: The Books of Raziel

Start your review of Archon The Books of Raziel, 1 Write a review Sep 19, Max rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Teens to adults I received the ARC version of this book from a friend who is in the industry and read it while traveling. I havent reviewed books up until recently but Ive been an avid reader for a long time, and I have to say I will give this my best shot. Maybe this synopsis will help out the other readers of the book as well since it seems they missed a lot of the information that was actually in the book though they said it was not there. As for the synopsis, this book is about Angela Mathers who is a I received the ARC version of this book from a friend who is in the industry and read it while traveling.


Books of Raziel: Archon: The Books of Raziel (Paperback)




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