The channels give improved consumption obstruction reasonable to use in passing on gas, water, and oil in both the oil and gaseous petrol ventures. The size assignments are ostensible pipe sizes NPS. In the content sections thus, where pipe estimate cutoff points or size extents are given, these are outside width sizes aside from where expressed to be ostensible. These outside width measure points of confinement and reaches apply additionally to the comparing ostensible sizes.

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The pipes provide improved corrosion resistance suitable for use in conveying gas, water, and oil in both the oil and natural gas industries. The size designations are nominal pipe sizes NPS.

In the text paragraphs herein, where pipe size limits or size ranges are given, these are outside diameter sizes except where stated to be nominal. These outside diameter size limits and ranges apply also to the corresponding nominal sizes.

The primary product is beveled pipe. If plain-end square cut or other special end preparation is desired, this shall be subject to agreement between the purchaser and manufacturer. Included are NPS 1 in.

All pipes are manufactured at a facility licensed by API Normative references API 5LC corrosion resistance alloy line pipe We manufacture seamless alloy line pipe with improved corrosion resistant properties. Cold finishing if applied and repair welding. Nondestructive inspection. As-rolled expanded Expansion, repair welding. Heat treated Heat treatment, repair welding. Heat Treatment Pipe furnished to this specification may be as-rolled, solution annealed, except LC, which shall be quenched and tempered.

Other appropriate heat treatment may be agreed upon between purchaser and manufacturer. Hydrogen Sulfide Environments For any grade, if the intended application is for use in an environment that contains hydrogen sulfide then this should be clearly stated in the purchase agreement.


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API SPEC 5LC – CRA Line Pipe: 2015 [paper]


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API 5LC CRA Line Pipe


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