Peurifoys work has been embraced by many self-help groups and clinics addressing anxiety-related problems who have selected his books from among a host of others on the market as the basis for their programs. Peurifoy has a wide range of experience in front of groups and has appeared extensively on dozens of television and radio programs. Because he believes so strongly in the material he has developed over his years as a therapist, teacher, and workshop leader, his excitement over sharing it is genuinely contagious. Peurifoy was in private practice for twenty years as a marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety disorders. He retired from private practice in to teach at a local College in Sacramento, California. He has attended Fuller Theological Seminary and after retiring from teaching in , he received a ministerial credential from the Church of God headquartered in Anderson, Indiana.

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Start your review of Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Write a review Shelves: psychology I read this several years ago when I was having panic attacks. This book is very practical, and has useful exercises to practice and use when your anxiety is slipping into panic mode.

Peurifoy also addresses anxiety about panic and suggests ways to view your anxiety and panic attacks that are realistic and that also disarm their power. Because of the tools in this book, I was able to talk myself through and out of many panic attacks, and eventually ceased having them altogether.

This book was recommended to me by a doctor. I think everyone should be required to read this book just to learn proper stress management techniques. I never had another panic attach after just reading the first chapter. Amazing what one book can do. Oct 16, John rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone suffering from hi anxiety This is the most complete, easiest to read and comprehensive book I have read on the subject.

Chock full of information that will help therapists and clients deal with whatever comes their way via anxiety. A winner Apr 03, afifah dyah rated it really liked it this book really help me to change my point of view of something that i fear about, and help me to feel calm when facing a situation that can trigger me to feel anxiety.

Oct 20, Matt Vandegriff rated it really liked it This book was a very helpful compendium for dealing with anxiety. For the existential component that accompanies many people anxiety I would recommend Alan Watts, Wisdom of Insecurity.


Anxiety, Phobias & Panic

Buy Now! View the Book Trailer Anxiety is an unpleasant, though mostly unavoidable, aspect of modern lifeā€”but for many, normal anxiety can become something far more serious and debilitating. Areas covered include: Uncovering the causes of anxiety Building stress tolerance Identifying and correcting harmful modes of thinking Relaxation techniques Tools for managing anxiety And much more. Plus, this revised edition includes new discoveries about the brain, new information about OCD and social phobias, and a section on relapse prevention. Victims of irrational fears avoid leaving their homes, driving alone, shopping and opening the door to the postman.


Reneau Z. Peurifoy



Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic


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