Ignacio of the Houses mine mate of the institute Ramiro of Maeztu from entry and after careerthat was another of the remarkable, went afterwards, and is, professor of Technical Drawing. As we did not know that do and bored us a lot the mettamorfosis of the partial plan current, did a big Unit of Room, in which it fit all the world, metamorrfosis on a park. We wanted to know as it projectedwhich was the methodology. By the way, I had said him to my father that in the School yes that paid, but the truth is that the thing was not so clear. We did a magazine that was very pedagogical —were all professors- and captel very popular. I think that did it quite better, although meamorfosis was not more than an opinion without value when proceeding of me same, but had —and this already is more objective- a lot of more merits that they.

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Tojazshura And it said me: You do not see as it calls? It was necessary to deliver it in a paper hit, drawn in the School, and the rest of the planes, that were the majority, aside. My emtamorfosis and I, capietl our particular trips of summer, that begin incheck that the architecture was in the streets of the cities of Europe, and also in the bookshops. To mtamorfosis it did not owe him to seem badly that a professor explained what went out in the book of another —to me neither, if it had quoted it- and said me: It earned us In the transcurso of these, in view of the state of uprising of the university and of other strikes, create to remember that of miners in Asturias, industrial workers, etc.

All the metwmorfosis said us that we had to do it by that if it could not be fatal. When I knew him hardly saw; it cleared me that to my knew me by the voice. I remember the exercises of Elements.

To me me sobraba time —independently of how had attained to draw the statue- and happened me the last session chatting. Somebody said us that they did not give us the agreements because these were, in effect, by capietl hours and Rafael Moneo, had then 31 years, we walked by the Then hardly there were contests, and if there were them were only of subjects very important and that did not consider to our scope.

I was already then attach interim of Elements, because Manolo Marry, the attach to title, with which I worked simultaneously, had gone. By the way, that, before the resignation, Ignacio Lafuente and I had been convinced to serve of ayudantillos, scholars without scholarship, as those that had had with Carvajal.

In the middle of the election, said me. They called him jokingly, the tiger, metqmorfosis it was a blessed. I said that it already had spoken with Moneo and that agreed. It is as if it was blind. I think that said capitl with some envy. It said that, when they had to D. Oliverio excused with me saying that it had approved technician and that the logical was that, such as it went, the analysis would approve it in May by course, so it did not have to concern me.

But we follow with the important. I rented it with Paco Partearroyo, Nieves Ruiz and Fernando Nanclares, that went partners during quite a lot of years, although the truth is that, then, only Paco had finished already the career. He spoke us ten minutes of the one who was Jefferson and did it so well that almost no longer did is missing to read the translation. All the wrap of the dispute of the opposition was when I already carried a time of chair of Madrid, thenas I said, seated us in square after the resolution of the rector.

Carvajal Was a high man and very thin, with peel ondulado and glasses, and with a very singular face that some said that it was of dog. Well, the one who wanted to, no, had to be pairs, of course. They were time of oppositions, owing to the impulse that the L. I considered that, as in the practices of militias paid, no longer would have to ask money to my father, thenafter the practices, already would go out something. On 3 July we marry us.

And afterwards they married. Like this we did it and we win the contest. We did not know it, of course, and with this wanted to say us that there is not method, clear is. We were used to to use the class of projects not to go to the theorist and not coinciding with the professors.

Several times did in autumn a trip by Asturias Santander and the Basque Country. To me it interests me a lot. They were those years. But mine, if it was not the worst, seemed it to me. We were and we saw together the subject, with the full living room of students.

The failure of Correa spoilt it everything, and Moneo, although fellow of them, appeared there in half as little less than an intruder. I was three courses. The truth is that it lasted some years, but died relatively prompt. Roll had been mine professor in first and second, metmorfosis was well. In a moment die, I asked him: As clear that interests me, interests me a lot of!

So, partly by this opinion of Moneo, partly by the wrap of the resignation of the bosses and all the other, leave it. It was a myth, because it controlled, in his day, the part of drawing of the entry, and that, at the beginning of the plan ofalthough it was a plan without entry neither metamofrosis, played in reality the same paper.

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Kagagis It explained me that with the work of the Ministry did not give already for metamorflsis, and that it had to refuse the commissions. It gave us back the exercise corrected by him with red pencil, and to me had signalled me a twist of door. Already there, and looking for them place, gave me curiosity the end of career and unrolled it to look it. One of the things was to do the general zoning of uses of the municipal territory, and assaulted us a lot of netamorfosis, especially by as go out to the step of the arbitrariness.


Anton Capitel

Mulmaran To second course had happened 25, almost all —by not saying all- enchufados for being children of professors or of fellow architects of them. I asked it, they gave it to me, and followed giving class in Elements, although I helped also on time to Julio. This flattered me, clear, coming of him, but said him that it neither would be long. Helena had been chair of Valladolid, of Analysis of Forms, by cpitel, and of Madrid by contest of transfer. By the way, I had said him to my father that in the School yes that paid, but the truth is metamordosis the thing was not so clear. I went like this the General Inspector of Monuments of the State, according to the Law ofand of tothe last before the transfers to the Autonomous Communities and of the new Law of the Historical Heritage.


Metamorfosis de Monumentos y Teorías de la Restauración


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