Besides, it might make things a bit less awkward. If only she could shake the feeling that he had ulterior motives. For now she would give him what he wanted, but she would tread lightly, and at the first sign of trouble she would put him in his place. It might take a bit longer than he expected to break down the barriers, but it was only a matter of time now.

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Not that she was in any position to be questioning his character. Or morals. He folded his arms across his chest. And here he thought the only person she cared about was herself. And when she did, he would be ready. Next time I will alert security. Let her think that she had the upper hand. It was all a part of the game. I apologize for my…inappropriate behavior. Do you remember where that is? The kitchen is open twenty-four hours. You also have a full wet bar. The harder he worked for something, the more satisfying the payoff when he finally got it.

He was taking a risk, putting his personal and professional relationship with Phillip on the line. The family firm, Rutledge Design, was unrivaled in North America, but they needed this credit to their portfolio if they were going to take the company international. Just as his father had always dreamed of doing but never accomplished himself. Which in part was to blame for the mother of all divorces that Alex had just endured. An inevitability, he supposed, when a man married for convenience instead of love.

To please his family instead of himself. That woman was Sophie. When Alex had come to stay at the palace during a college break, he and Sophie had immediately connected. When he was with her, Alex had felt as though he could let down his guard and just be himself. Little had he known it was just a game to her.

Seeing her again brought it all back—the confusion and humiliation. So what better time than now to get a little revenge? Give her a taste of her own medicine. Two S ophie was still trembling as she descended the stairs and headed for the back entrance.

What she needed right now was to be alone. She needed time to process what had just happened, and figure out why it had scared her half to death. But as she was rounding the corner just before the outer door, she ran into Ethan, who was also on his way out.

She forced a smile. They walked together toward his black, convertible Porsche. Although everyone in the family had their own custom Rolls-Royce and driver, Ethan still preferred to drive himself most days. And he rarely used the services of a bodyguard. Far too…friendly. Ethan narrowed his eyes at her, looking so much like Phillip that it was almost eerie. Must have been some sort of paternal bond that linked them despite being only half siblings. And at a time like now, it was incredibly inconvenient.

She prayed silently that he would drop it. How could he possibly know about her relationship with Alex? Unless Alex had told him. Which he had no right doing. It was between him and Sophie. He put a hand on her arm.

I wanted to be the one in control. The one calling the shots. She was so relieved she felt faint. Although, if there was anyone in the world she would feel comfortable confiding in, other than her sister-in-law, Hannah, it would be Ethan. But as was her way, she preferred to figure out things on her own. But honestly, between the hotel and the baby coming, I barely have a free minute. She has to be close to her fourth month now. She had hoped to keep working until her eighth month.

Or gives birth. Whichever comes first I guess. You know how he feels about keeping the family close. This coming from the man who swore he would never live in the palace? Or to think of Phillip as family. Just this morning it had been business as usual, and now it felt as though her entire life had just been turned upside down. He unlocked his car. Can I give you a lift home? And tell her if she needs help with anything, all she has to do is ask.

Sophie started down the path toward home, watching as he zipped out of the lot and drove away. It seemed as though lately everyone she knew was settling down and starting a family. People who, like her, swore they would never give up their freedom. Ethan was right, things did change quickly. But for her, certain things, things like wanting a husband and family, would never change.

Not for anyone. Referencing files of itineraries she had created in the past few years, Sophie was able to whip up a suitable plan for the next two weeks well before dinner. It was something of a challenge considering the average guest stayed several days.

Thankfully, though, several of those afternoons Alex would spend with Phillip doing the usual guy things, like fishing and golfing. But for the remainder of the trip, he was basically all hers. She was printing off copies for herself, Phillip and the social secretary when her butler knocked on her office door.

How would they even get past the guards at the main gate without her consent? Bloody hell, why did it keep doing that? And what was Alex doing here? At her house? He had no right to just barge in on her. And if she had to spend the next two weeks carting him around the island, showing vulnerability was not an option. She would have to see him. Sophie took a long, deep breath and rose from her chair.

She had no reason to be nervous, but as she crossed the room her legs felt weak and trembly. Get a grip, Sophie. If she had this reaction every time she saw him, this was going to be a very long and exhausting two weeks.

She stopped in front of the mirror in the upstairs hallway and checked her reflection. She looked as pale as death.

She smoothed her hair and pinched a little color back into her cheeks, reminding herself once again that Alex was no longer a man of consequence. That part of her life was over. Now he was merely a business associate. She descended the stairs slowly, her heart creeping further up her throat with every step. Alex was in the study by the window, gazing out across the pristinely manicured lawn.

He seemed lost in thought, a million miles away, and it struck her again how handsome he was. How familiar. And for a moment she gave herself permission to just look at him.

And remember. Bloody hell! No matter how collected she tried to be, he always managed to throw her off kilter. What I did was wrong. And I assumed, or maybe hoped, that you felt the same way. In her world, men did not offer up their feelings like a neatly wrapped gift.


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