Kadare, whose father was a post office employee, attended the University of Tirana. Upon returning to Albania in , he worked as a journalist and then embarked on a literary career. He endured periods of controversy in his native country during the long rule of Enver Hoxha , whose dictatorial government Kadare alternately praised and criticized. In , feeling threatened by the government and fearing arrest, Kadare defected to France. Kadare first attracted attention in Albania as a poet, but it was his prose works that brought him worldwide fame. In Aksidenti ; The Accident a researcher tries to shed light on the mysterious backgrounds of a couple killed in a car accident.

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His prose is very descriptive, but almost in an avant-garde way. However, I might have been preoccupied with trying to determine exactly what was really occurring at any given moment more than I would have liked. The timeline shifts rapidly without word, first person narrative in one paragraph becomes third person in the next, two scenes are detailed, after which it is insinuated that one was a dream.

Sometimes it is clear that a scene is a dream, but we are told otherwise. Is this magical realism or not? The author does not seem to be able to decide. It is marketed as a psychological thriller. I would say it is more a mystery. I will say that I did read until the end because I was enthralled to know what exactly happened that fateful morning. And in the end, myself shocked most of all, it wrapped together alright, although more than a few questions had been left unanswered.

I had given up on understanding the details, even important ones, of this novel sometime in the first few chapters. We are given a story, divided into three parts. The first document the preliminary investigation following the mysterious deaths of two passengers outside of Vienna, supposedly on the way to the airport.

Key players in the mystery are often less than willing in the investigation, which turns into something possibly involving political scandal.

The third part is the conclusion, where this fictional account, along with the facts, are wrapped together for a supposedly factual ending. Or is it? Very strange psychological ideas are introduced. Some characters seem pretty obviously psychopathic, etc. The entire novel is a puzzle, in every sense of the word. I suppose this was written after long Communist Albanian rule Albania essentially serves as a character throughout the text, main characters being from there, the author himself being Albanian , so maybe the author intended for this to reflect the complex course the characters took in hiding the detail of the case?

The difficulty solving mysteries under such a regime? Yes, maybe Kadra intended this to be a confusing dream of an enigma upon pages marketed as a novel. Why text upon pages seen as a novel? Because it makes it more of an enigma.


Ismail Kadaré

Von offiziellen Literaturkritikern wurde das Werk kritisiert und danach ignoriert, als ob es nicht existiere. Kadare erhielt jedoch keine Einladung dazu. Da er sich der Bedeutung solcher Ausschlussriten bewusst war, nahm er an, dass er sich in Gefahr befand. Kadare sollte vorgeworfen werden, die Parteilinie in Kunst und Kultur sabotiert zu haben. Henri Amouroux, Mitglied der Akademie, betonte, dass die sowjetischen Dissidenten wie z.


Aksidenti (roman)


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