Their metagame position is also quite different; 4e genasi have unique offensive powers, while 5e genasi have spells that might be offense or utility, and are substantially varied in usefulness. Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1. Lightning Resistance. You have resistance to lightning damage.

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Between and lbs on average genasi are also a fair bit heavier, though not significantly. In all other ways though genasi are very distinctive from their human kin. A few, however, learn to master more than one manifestation. Unlike many planetouched races, genasi generally take pride in their unusual features.

These lines, called szuldar in Primordial , appear in a pattern that is passed along family lines, sometimes extending into small communities as well. Though the patterns may be similar between relatives in a general sense, however, the specific configurations are unique to each individual and serve much the same purpose that fingerprints do amongst humans and these lines remain unchanged even when a genasi changes their manifestation.

Some genasi do this deliberately for aesthetic reasons or in order to disguise themselves. Most genasi, however, disapprove of the practice and see it as a loss of self-awareness, valuing the patterns they are born with as a mark of their identity. Proud genasi display these lines with pride, often wearing clothing that leaves at least some skin exposed.

Genasi live on a lifespan comparable with humans , though slightly longer, reaching 75 years on average barring accident or violence. Some members of the race live as long as 90 or Abilities Edit Genasi have a number of special abilities granted to them by their elemental heritage. As a rule, Genasi tend to be both stronger and smarter than most other humanoid races, a trait which serves them well.

Elemental manifestations Edit All genasi have a primary elemental manifestation, which not only separates genasi into subraces but also plays a major role in genasi culture and psychology. Each manifestation is most common in regions where the element it represents has a strong presence, such as deserts, volcanic wastelands, or even underwater in extreme examples.

The most common genasi manifestations by far are the ones who are related to the four classical elements - earth, fire, water, and wind - though storm manifestations are also fairly common and para-elemental genasi are known to exist as well. Likewise, each genasi gains a set of abilties that correspond to their element, such as the ability to empower attacks with the power of lightning and thunder amongst stormsoul genasi or the power to take on the properties of water amongst water genasi.

While many genasi are the result of recent dalliances of genies or other elementals with humans, the majority are not, but rather the children of genasi themselves. Ancestry does play a major role in the individual subrace, or primary manifestation of each genasi child. Generally speaking genasi are attracted to others who share their primary manifestation and as a result most genasi children share their subrace with both parents.

Exceptions do exist and when the parents are not of the subrace or have a mixed heritage themselves the likelihood of a child manifesting a manifestation different than at least one of his parents increases. All genasi, however, take after some ancestor of theirs in manifestation, even if that ancestor is not their parent. Although most genasi manifest a single manifestation some learn to manifest two or more. Often, the reason behind the development of a second manifestation is environmental in nature.

Hence, a firesoul genasi raised in the middle of the ocean on an island is likely to develop a watersoul manifestation as well. Genasi who manifest more than one manifestation often develop their second one during adolescence. The initial development of this manifestation can often be uncomfortable, even painful and usually comes suddenly and without warning.

With practice, this transition becomes less discomforting, with those well-versed in the transformation experiencing little more than a mild and passing unease. The reason for this discomfort lies in the fact that the transition is more than aesthetic in nature and is actually a fundamental change in the physical makeup of the genasi, like replacing the sand in a bag with water. Some genasi actually learn to not only acquire new manifestations but to maintain two of them simultaneously.

These rare individuals, known as elemental tempests , are living embodiments of two elements, their bodies constantly shifting and changing in a never-ending balance between the two. Psychology Edit Because of their roots in the powers of the Elemental Chaos genasi are by nature changeable and contradictory, meaning most generalizations of the race are hard to justify.

However, it is probably fair to say that the psychology of a genasi often depends vastly on what elemental manifestation is manifested by the individual in question and many genasi who can manifest in more than one way think of themselves as possessing multiple personalities. One of the traits found commonly amongst all genasi is a strong sense of ambition. All genasi have a desire to better themselves and advance their status, either throught pursuit of power, the aquisition of friends, or other means.

Nearly all genasi have dreams and aspirations and will pursue these goals throughout their life and though few genasi are truly patient so strong are their passions for these goals that they will often continue to follow them even long after individuals of other races would have given up and moved on.

Genasi have a strong ability to adapt, perhaps only superseded by humans in this regard, and embrace change as an inevitability or even something to be relished. Even lawful genasi embrace this change, and genasi of all kinds value the possibilities the future may bring, such as new allies or new opportunities.

In many ways, genasi are the most flexible of races, less stubborn and more willing to accept new ideas for better or worse. Though genasi can be extremely passionate in a way that might seem violent the race as a whole has a love for family and friends, to the point that few genasi marriages end in divorce. Genasi of one elemental manifestation usually have different personality traits than those of another, to the extent that those who manifest in more than one way have what some might see as multiple personalities, each associated with a different manifestation.

The multiple personalities expressed by those who manifest more than one element are not completely different, in the way that personalities developed by the mentally ill are. Each personality shares the same knowledge and has core traits that remain the same.

Rather, each personality is more like a different aspect of the same individual, representing perhaps a particular emotion or mood of the genasi in question. Particular emotions might be stronger in one manifestation, for instance, and secondary manifestations are usually less nuanced than the primary one is. The exception to this rule are elemental tempests, sometimes known as genasi tempests, who manifest two elements simultaneously. Because of this constant state of balance between two manifestations elemental tempest personalities are generally limited to two, both very strong aspects of the same individual.

Such genasi might be called mercurial or bipolar and switch between strong emotions on the fly. However, at the core an elemental tempest is typically as sane and well-balanced as any other genasi, with the main differenece being that they have no dominant personality but rather two that work in perfect synchronization. Order and chaos Edit One of the fundamental conflicts that belies all genasi is the battle between order and chaos. By nature, genasi are inherently chaotic and passionate creatures who lack the ability to be stoic or truly hide their emotions.

Even the most disciplined of the race are extremely passionate by the standards of other races and rage with more anger and cry with more sorrow than those of other races. Even so, genasi are not necessarily chaotic and the race as a whole is balanced between those who serve order and those who serve chaos. Some genasi strive to conquer their strong passions and believe they were meant by the gods to convert chaos into law.

These genasi are among the most lawful beings of the world, first conquering their own emotions and then seek out other sources of chaos to stamp out and replace with order.

These genasi seek only to fit in with those around them and to prevent their passions from controlling their actions. Many of these genasi are good and benevolent individuals but these genasi are also sometimes led astray by their obsessive taste for order, imposing law through force rather than example or argument. Other genasi embrace their wild and unpredictable nature, seeing themselves as chaos incarnate. Just as many genasi of the opposite viewpoint see themselves as agents of divine order these genasi believe they were created by the primordials to spread liberty.

Genasi of this mindset most often give free reign to their passions and can be best described as excitable and wildly emotional. But while these genasi can easily give into selfish desire and evil just as many are servants of good, freeing others from oppressive tyranny or weakening the foundations upon which the corrupt stand.

Culture Edit Genasi as a culture, likely do to the inherently chaotic nature of their psyche and bodies alike, have a strong affinity for change and chaos. Many genasi philosophers, believe that their race was originally created as a compromise between chaos of the primordials and the divinely crafted world of the gods. A few genasi take this to heart and try to eliminate one or the other aspect of their nature, either becoming agents of chaos or disciples of order, but these individuals are considered the exception rather than the rule.

Most genasi are simply grateful for the innate connection to the elemental forces that shaped the world they all share. Genasi culture is shaped in many ways by ambition and pride amongst the race.

Genasi everywhere strive constantly to improve their lot in life and the race is inherently competitive within both itself and with other races. A genasi might be a revered leader one week, only to fall into ruin the next. This has its advantages though and few, if any, genasi look down upon members of another class since any pauper could, in theory, be king the next time the genasi meets them. Genasi culture likewise has no real concept of nobility or royalty.

From a genasi political perspective there are only genasi on the rise and those on the decline. This constantly changing nature means genasi have a very different view of their current situation than most races.

Unfortunate genasi find it difficult to feel pessimistic, since they truly believe things will change for the better. Likewise, genasi in positions of prestige and power never forget that all their success could be undone at any moment. Each one of the Inner and Outer Planes has permanent settlements in it. No matter how deadly a plane might be, you can count on there being at least a few permanent residences there.

Even the Plane of Vacuum has a few small settlements of barmy sods who live there. Each one of the Inner and Outer Planes also has a fundamental nature that pervades and suffuses every particle of every location within the plane. Because the idea of smoke is what the Plane is all about. Even babies fresh from the womb are already starting to define themselves on a very basic level. Humans are more likely than any other race to have this happen, but it can happen to any race. But every so often, two otherwise normal parents will produce a Planetouched child.

Art and leisure Edit Genasi art is wild and exciting, similar to the race itself. Genasi prefer elaborate and bold designs, using bright and vibrant colors to express the wide range of emotions they feel. Sculptures are often explosive in appearance, resembling surges of power more than anything else.

Even for relatively simple or functional items the genasi pour care into giving it a flamboyant appearance, marking it with swirling patterns, gemstones, or elaborate carvings. Due to the meritocratic nature of genasi society it should come as little surprise that genasi artisans often see their craft as a means of obtaining prestige.

These individuals desire nothing more than to be in high demand and so work hard to please their customer base. This can go so far as to make genasi-crafted items seem uncomfortable or unwieldy in the hands of those they were not intended for.

Genasi love most forms of recreation, particularly competitive ones that allow them to improve their standing amongst other races further. Most genasi prefer recreational activities that are active and physical, allowing them to release their impulses and wilder urges.

Physical competitions, particularly those of strength, are common in genasi society and frequently practiced during festivals or other celebrations. Because of their chaotic and spontaneous nature genasi are not predisposed towards team athletics and prefer sports that favor the individual.

Genasi are particularly fond of gladiatorial sports, which allow them to bask in the attention of others while simultaneously releasing pent-up passions. Games that feature genasi are often wild spectacles, loved by crowds. Family and manifestations Edit In genasi culture family plays an important role, likely in part due to the fact that genasi find it difficult to form new friendships and bonds. To most genasi, family bonds are the only ones that are truly reliable and it is far rarer for genasi to become alienated or estranged from members of their family.

This is not to say that internal feuds and disputes do not happen, but the vast majority lead to only temporary divides and family members spread over the world will eventually come looking for a reunion. Most genasi are primarily raised by members of their family that share their primary manifestation.


Abyssal language

Weighing between and lbs on average, genasi were often also a fair bit heavier, though not significantly so. In all other ways, genasi were very distinctive from their human cousins. A few learned to master more than one manifestation. Unlike many planetouched races, genasi generally took pride in their unusual features. These lines, called szuldar in Primordial, appeared in a pattern that was passed along family lines, sometimes extending into small communities as well. Though the patterns could be similar between relatives in a general sense, the specific configurations were unique to each individual and served much the same purpose that fingerprints do amongst humans; the pattern of these lines remained unchanged even when a genasi changed his manifestation. Some genasi did this deliberately for aesthetic reasons, or in order to disguise themselves.


You gain a minor racial bonus to Reflex and moderate racial bonus to saving throws against ongoing fire damage. Magmasoul You gain a minor racial bonus to Fortitude. Whenever you take fire damage, your melee attacks deal extra fire damage for a short duration. Sandsoul You gain a moderate racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics when taking the escape action.


Each of the four fundamental elements had associated genasi, so the most common genasi were air genasi , earth genasi , fire genasi , and water genasi. These included the dust para-genasi , ice para-genasi , magma para-genasi , ooze para-genasi , smoke para-genasi , steam para-genasi , among other possibilities. Para-genasi were even rarer than the four standard genasi. Even after the Spellplague, no genasi could maintain a neutral, "non-elemental" state, and their physical appearance changed depending on the elemental soul that they were currently manifesting. Those genasi manifesting an "earthsoul" had brown skin and golden eyes. Those manifesting a "firesoul" had bronze skin and orange eyes, with flickering flames coming out of their heads.


Gender Abyssal genasi With the release of the genasi race for 5e one of my personal favorites I was disappointed that they only revealed the basic 4 elements. I have expanded that list to include abyssal corrupted versions of those 4 here. You can activate or deactivate this ability as a bonus action on your turn. It remains active until you choose to disable it or until you fall unconscious. Any creature that starts its turn or enters this radius takes 1d6 fire damage.

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