Minimum monthly payments are required. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. So, as long as I can connect this to my home phone programming the voice annunciation should work? Shipping cost cannot be calculated. I still need help before I buy the module. Verizon just charges way too much anymore.

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Page Confirmation Of Successful System Command Entries Confirmation of Successful System Command Entries Commands entered via the phone will be confirmed by the same number of "beeps" as those produced by the keypad for confirmation of that function e. Assume that the 2-digit Phone Code is 7 and that the system security code is 1—2—3—4. Downloading is the process of remote programming of your security system by the central monitoring station over the phone lines, using their computer.

Page Off-premises Phone Access Restrictions Off-Premises Phone Access Restrictions The following restrictions apply when attempting to attain access to the security system from an off-premises phone: You cannot access the system from off-premises when the phone line is busy.

If calling from outside and someone answers, you must enter the phone code within 20 seconds following pick-up; System status is also reported through an optional warning speaker by pressing on the installer designated security keypad s.

The system status report includes the following: Alarm warning sounds if any. Phone access will also be terminated under the following conditions: If no touch tones have been entered and the system has made no announcements for 20 seconds.

Page Protection Against Outside Tampering Protection Against Outside Tampering In addition to counting the input attempts for the phone code and the system code, some control panels also prevent attempts by an unauthorized person to access the system from an outside phone. After 4 unsuccessful calls are made including "access attempts" within an armed or disarmed period , remote phone access will be automatically turned off, and can only be turned on again from within the premises.

Page Using The Phone Panic Feature Using the Phone Panic Feature Any on-premises touch-tone phone properly wired to the security system can be used as a panic station, providing your installer has programmed your security system for this feature.

To generate a phone panic alarm: 1. Pick up a premises phone. Either the 2-digit phone code or the System cannot be accessed by phone and system security code may have been wired keypad displays 87 or other entered incorrectly. If the command has been keyed, but Four or more unsuccessful attempts have confirmation is not heard, check as follows On the front cover of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC registration number and ringer equivalence number REN for this equipment.

If requested, this information must be provided to the telephone company. Page Limited Warranty LIMITED WARRANTY Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, a Division of Pittway Corporation, and its divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates "Seller" , Eileen Way, Syosset, New York , warrants its products to be in conformance with its own plans and specifications and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for 18 months from the date stamp control on the product or, for products not having an ADEMCO date stamp, for 12 months from date of original purchase unless the installation and setup guide or catalog sets forth a shorter period, in which case the shorter


ADEMCO 4286 - Phone Module User Manual






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